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08028 Apartments (Address: C/can Bruixa, 6-8)

5* Confidential (Address: Confidential)

54 Barceloneta (Address: Passeig Joan De Borbo, 54)

987 Barcelona (Address: Mallorca 288)

987 Barcelona Hotel (Address: Mallorca 288)

AAE Rey Don Jaime (Address: 11 JAUME 1)

Ab Skipper (Address: Avenida Litoral 10)

Abac (Address: Av. Tibidabo 1)

ABaC Restaurant Hotel (Address: Avda Tibidabo 1)

abba Rambla Hotel Barcelona (Address: RAMBLA DEL RAVAL 4 C)

Abba Sants (Address: Calle Numancia 32)

abba Sants Barcelona Hotel (Address: NUMANCIA 32)

Abbot (Address: Avd De Roma 23)

Abbot (Address: Avenida Roma 23)

Abbot Hotel (Address: AVENIDA DE ROMA, 23)

Ac Barcelona (Address: Calle Taulat 278)

Ac Barcelona Forum By Marriott (Address: Paseo Taulat 278)

Ac Diplomatic (Address: Calle Pau Claris, 122)

AC Hotel Barcelona Forum (Address: Paseo Taulat 278)

AC Hotel Irla (Address: C/ Calvet, 40-42)

AC Hotel Martorell (Address: Avenida Pau Claris s/n)

AC Hotel Sants (Address: Passeig de Sant Antoni, 36-40)

AC Hotel Victoria Suites (Address: Beltran i Rozpide, 7-9)

Ac Irla (Address: Calle Calvet, 40-42)

Ac Irla By Marriott (Address: Calvet, 40-42)

AC Miramar (Address: Plaza Carlos Ibanez 3)

Ac Sants (Address: Paseo San Antoni, 36-40)

Ac Victoria Suites (Address: Calle Pedralbes 16)

Ac Victoria Suites By Marriott (Address: Beltrn Y Rozpide, 7-9)

Ac Vilamari (Address: Vilamari, 34-36)

Ac Vilamari (Address: Calle Vilamari, 34 - 36)

Acevi Villarroel (Address: Calle Villarroel 106)

Acevi Villarroel (Address: Villarroel 106)

Acevi Villarroel (Address: Villarroel, 106)

Actual (Address: Calle Rossello, 238)

Advance (Address: Sepi??lveda, 180)

Alexandra Barcelona 4*superior (Address: Mallorca, 251)

Alexandra Barcelona Hotel (Address: Mallorca Street 251)

Alexandra Barcelona Hotel (Address: Mallorca Street 251)

Alexandra hotel Barcelona (Address: Mallorca 251)

Alimara Barcelona (Address: Berruguete, 126)

Alimara Barcelona Hotel (Address: Berruguete 126 Street)

America (Address: Provenza, 195)

America (Address: Calle Provenza, 195)

America Hotel (Address: Provenza 195)

Amister Barcelona (Address: Calle Roma, 93-95)

Amister Barcelona (Address: Avda. Roma 93-95)

Amrey Diagonal

Amrey Sant Pau (Address: Sant Antoni Maria Claret,173)

ANETO (Address: Carrer del Carme 38)

Apart. Portaferrissa (Address: Carrer D En Bot, 4)

Apartamentos Barcelona Center (Address: Plaza del Doctor Letamendi, 26)

Apartamentos Casp74 (Address: Casp, 74)

Apartamentos Descartes (Address: Descartes 4)

Apartamentos In Barcelona Jaume I (Address: Calle Dagueria 1-3)

Apartamentos Just Style (Address: Passeig Sant Antoni 30)

Apartamentos La Casa De Les Lletres (Address: Plaza Antonio Lopez 6)

Apartamentos Madanis (Address: Riera Blanca, 14-16)

Apartamentos Mur-mar (Address: Ramblas, 34)

Apartaments Independencia (Address: Calle Independencia 287)

Aparthotel Acacia (Address: Urgel 194)

Aparthotel Atenea Barcelona (Address: C/ Joan Guell 207-211)

Aparthotel Atenea Barcelona (Address: CALLE JOAN Gi??ELL, 207 - 211)

Aparthotel Bcn Montjuic (Address: Sant Fructuos, 64-74)

Aparthotel Bonanova (Address: Bisbe Sivilla, 7)

Aparthotel Calabria (Address: Calabria 129 131)

Aparthotel City Senator (Address: VIA AUGUSTA, 167)

Aparthotel Gutenberg (Address: Pasaje Gutenberg, 7)

Aparthotel Mariano Cubi (Address: C/Maria Cubi, 62-64)

Aparthotel Silver Barcelona (Address: Breton de los Herreros 26)

Apsis 40 (Address: Calle Joaquin Costa 40)

Apsis Atrium Palace (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes 656)

Apsis Millenni (Address: Ronda Sant Pau 14)

Apsis Splendid Hotel (Address: Muntaner, 2)

Aptos. Gutenberg (Address: Pasaje Gi??tenberg, 7)

Aranea (Address: Calle Consejo De Ciento, 444)

Arc La Rambla (Address: La Rambla, 19-21)

Arenas (Address: Capitan Arenas, 20)

As Porta Barcelona (Address: AP7 KM 165 Area di Servicio)

Aston (Address: Calle Paris, 101)

Astoria (Address: Calle Paris 203)

Astoria Hotel Barcelona (Address: Paris 203)

Atenea Calabria (Address: Calle Calabria 129)

Atenea Calabria Apartaments (Address: C/ Calabria, 129 - 131)

Atlantis (Address: Pelai, 20)

Atlas (Address: Cardenal Casanas 11)

Attica 21 Barcelona Mar (Address: Provencals 10)

Attica 21 Barcelona Mar (Address: Provencals, 10)

Auto Hogar (Address: Avenida Paral.lel 64)

Auto Hogar (Address: Avda. Paralelo, 64)

Avenida Palace (Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 605)

Avenida Palace (Address: Gran Via, 605)

Avenida Palace Hotel (Address: Gran Via 605-607)

Axel (Address: Calle Aribau 33)

Axel Hotel Barcelona (Address: Aribau, 33)

Ayre Caspe (Address: Caspe 103-109)

Ayre Gran Via (Address: Gv. Corts Catalanes, 322-324)

Ayre Hotel Caspe (Address: Calle Caspe, 103)

Ayre Hotel Caspe (Address: Caspe, 103)

Ayre Hotel Caspe (Address: Caspe 103)

Ayre Hotel Caspe By Resort Bookings (Address: Calle Caspe 103)

Ayre Hotel Gran Via (Address: Gran Via, 322-324)

Ayre Hotel Gran Via (Address: Gran Via Des Corts Catalanes 322-324)

Ayre Hotel Gran Via (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes)

Ayre Hotel Gran Via-Resort Bookings (Address: Gran Via, 322)

Ayre Hotel Rosellon (Address: Carrer Del Rossello 390)

Ayre Rosellon (Address: Rosello 390)

Ayre Rosellon (Address: Carrer Del Rosello 390)

Azul Barcelona (Address: Gran Via, 327)

Azul Barcelona (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 327)

B Hotel (Address: Gran Via, 389)

B.W Medicis (Address: Castillejos, 340)

B.w. Alfa Aeropuerto (Address: Mercabarna Zona Franca)

Bagues (Address: La Rambla 105)

Balmes (Address: Calle Mallorca, 216)

Balmoral (Address: Via Augusta, 5)

Barcelo Atenea Mar (Address: Paseo Garcia Faria 37 47)

Barcelo Atenea Mar (Address: Paseo Garci??a Faria, 37-47)

Barcelo Hotel Sants (Address: PLAZA PAISOS CATALANS)

Barcelo Montserrat (Address: Ctra Martorell Capellades)

Barcelo Raval (Address: Rambla Del Raval 17-21 17-27)

Barcelo Raval (Address: Rambla del Raval 17-21)

Barcelo Sants (Address: Plaza Paisos Catalans S/n)

Barcelo Sants (Address: Plaza dels Paisos Catalans s n)

Barcelona (Address: Caspe, 1-13)

Barcelona Catedral (Address: C Capellans 4)

Barcelona Catedral (Address: Carrer Capellans 4)

Barcelona Center (Address: Calle Balmes 103-105)

Barcelona Center (Address: C/ Balmes, 103-105 ( Esquina Mallorca ))

Barcelona Center Hotel (Address: CALLE BALMES 103-105)

Barcelona Hotel Colonial (Address: Via Laietana 3)

Barcelona Princess (Address: Avenida Diagonal 1)

Barcelona Princess (Address: Diagonal, 1)

Barcelona Princess (Address: Avda. Diagonal, 1)

Barcelona Universal (Address: Av. Paral.lel, 76-80)

Barcelona Universal (Address: Avenida Paralelo 76-80)

Barcino (Address: Calle Jaime I, 6)

Bcn Montjuic (Address: San Fructuos 64-74)

BCN Port Hostal Barcelona (Address: Avinguda Paral lel 15)

Best Western Alfa Aeropuerto (Address: Calle K,entrada Principal Mercabarna - Zona Franca)

BEST WESTERN Hotel 54 Barceloneta (Address: Joan de Borbo 54)

BEST WESTERN Hotel ConfortGolf (Address: Travessera de Gracia 72)

BEST WESTERN Hotel del Teatre Auditori (Address: Ribes 71)

Best Western Hotel Jet (Address: Santema, 25 (Caldes D'Estrac))

BEST WESTERN Hotel Medicis (Address: Castillejos, 340)

Best Western Premier Dante (Address: Calle Mallorca, 181)

B-hotel (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes 389)

Bonanova Park (Address: Calle Capitan Arenas, 51)

Bonanova Park (Address: Capitan Arenas, 51)

Caledonian (Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanes 574)

Call Hotel Barcelona (Address: L Arc Sant Ramon Call 4)

Casa Camper (Address: Carrer Elisabets n.11)

Casa Camper Barcelona (Address: Elisabets 11)

Casa Fuster (Address: Paseo De Gracia, 132)

Casa Fuster (Address: Passeig de Gracia 132)

Casa Fuster Hotel (Address: PASEO DE GRACIA, 32)

Catalonia Albeniz (Address: Calle Aragon 591-593)

Catalonia Albinoni (Address: Portal Del Angel, 15 -17)

Catalonia Aragon (Address: Calle Aragon 569-571)

Catalonia Atenas (Address: Avenida Meridiana, 151)

Catalonia Atenas Hotel (Address: Av Meridiana 151)

Catalonia Avinyo (Address: Avinyo/ 16)

Catalonia Barcelona 505 (Address: Muntaner 505)

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza (Address: Plaza Espana 6-8)

Catalonia Berna (Address: Calle Ruger De Lluria, 60)

Catalonia Born (Address: Rec Comtal 16-18)

Catalonia Castellnou Hotel (Address: Castellnou 61)

Catalonia Catedral Hotel (Address: C/ Dels Arcs 10)

Catalonia Corcega (Address: Calle Corcega, 368)

Catalonia Diagonal Centro (Address: C/Balmes 142-146)

Catalonia Duques de Bergara (Address: Calle Bergara, 11)

Catalonia Eixample 1864 Hotel (Address: Roger De Lluria 60)

Catalonia La Pedrera (Address: C/Corcega, 368)

Catalonia Mikado Hotel (Address: Pso De Bonanova 58)

Catalonia Park Guell (Address: Pg.Mare De Deu Del Coll 10)

Catalonia Park Putxet (Address: Calle Putxet, 68 -74)

Catalonia Park Putxet Hotel (Address: Putxet 68-74)

Catalonia Plaza Cataluna (Address: Begara 11)

Catalonia Port (Address: C/ Ample (pl. Duc de Medinaceli) 1)

Catalonia Port (Address: Ample 1)

Catalonia Portal del Angel (Address: Portal Del Angel 17)

Catalonia Princesa (Address: Calle Rec Comtal, 16)

Catalonia Ramblas (Address: Calle Pelayo 28)

Catalonia Ramblas Hotel (Address: Pelayo, 28)

Catalonia Rigoletto Hotel (Address: C/ Sabino De Arana, 22-24)

Catalonia Rubens (Address: Passeig Mare De Deu Del Coll 10)

Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel (Address: Aragon 569 Bis)

Century Park (Address: Valencia 154)

Century Park (Address: Calle Valencia 154)

Chic And Basic (Address: Princesa)

Chic And Basic Born (Address: Calle Princesa 50)

Chic And Basic Ramblas (Address: Pasaje Gutenberg 7)

Citadines Ramblas Barcelona (Address: Ramblas 122)

Cityparkhotel Pelayo (Address: Pelayo, 1)

Ciutat de Barcelona (Address: Princesa 33 - 35)

Ciutat de Barcelona Hotel (Address: C Princesa 33)

Claris (Address: Pau Claris, 150)

Claris (Address: Pau Claris, 150)

Colon (Address: Avda. Catedral, 7)

Colon Hotel (Address: 7 Avenida Catedral)

Condado (Address: Calle Aribau, 201)

Condado Hotel (Address: Calle Aribau 201)

Condes De Barcelona (Address: Passeig De Gracia 73-75)

Condes De Barcelona (Address: Paseo De Gracia, 73-75)

Condes de Barcelona Hotel (Address: Paseo De Gracia 73 75)

Confortel Almirante (Address: Via laietana 42)

Confortel Almirante (Address: Via Laietana 42)

Confortel Auditori (Address: Sicilia 166-170)

Confortel Auditori (Address: Sicilia 166 - 170)

Confortel Auditori (Address: Calle Sicilia 166-170)

Confortel Barcelona (Address: Ramon turro 196-198)

Confortel Barcelona (Address: Ramon Turro 196-198)

Confortel Barcelona (Address: Ramon Turro 196-198)

Confortel Bel Art (Address: Lepanto 406)

Confortel Bel Art (Address: Lepanto 406)

Confortel Bel Art (Address: Lepant, 406)

Cram (Address: Aribau 54)

Cram (Address: Aribau, 54)

Crowne Plaza Barcelona - Fira Center (Address: Av Rius I Taulet 1-3)

Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Center (Address: Avda. Rius I Taulet, 1-3)

Dailyflats area Sagrada Familia (Address: Travessera de Gracia 343)

De l'arc (Address: Calle La Rambla, 19)

Del Comte (Address: Diputacio 142-148)

Del Comte (Address: Diputacio 142-148 (esq. Urgel))

Derby (Address: Calle Loreto, 21)

Derby Astoria Hotel (Address: C/PARIS, 203)

Derby Balmes Hotel (Address: CALLE MALLORCA, 216)

Derby Claris Hotel (Address: C/ PAU CLARIS, 150)

Derby Granados 83 Hotel (Address: C/ ENRIQUE GRANADOS 83)

Derby Hotel (Address: VIA LORETO, 21/25)

Derby Hotel Barcelona (Address: Loreto 21)

Diagonal Zero (Address: Plai??a De Llevant S/n)

Diplomatic Hotel Barcelona (Address: Pau Claris, 122)

Domus Selecta Constanza (Address: C/bruc 33)

Duquesa de Cardona (Address: Paseo Colon 12)

El Palace Barcelona (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts)

Espana Hotel (Address: Sant Pau 9-11)

Espana Ramblas (Address: Carrer Sant Pau 9-11)

Europark (Address: Aragon, 325)

Europark (Address: Calle Aragon, 323)

Eurostars Angli (Address: Angli, 60)

Eurostars Angli (Address: C/ Angli, 60)

Eurostars BCN Design (Address: Paseo de Gracia 29-31)

Eurostars Bcn Design (Address: Pso De Gracia 29-31)

Eurostars Bcn Design (Address: Paseo De Gracia,29-31)

Eurostars Cristal Palace (Address: Diputacia?n, 257)

Eurostars Cristal Palace (Address: Diputacii??n, 257)

Eurostars Cristal Palace (Address: Diputacion, 257)

Eurostars Cristal Palace (Address: Diputacion 257)

Eurostars Cristal Palace Hotel (Address: DIPUTACION, 257)

Eurostars Del Compte Hotel (Address: CALLE DIPUTACION 142 148)

Eurostars Gaudi (Address: Calle Consell De Cent 500)

Eurostars Gaudi Hotel (Address: CONSELL DE CENT 498 500)

Eurostars Gran Ducat Hotel (Address: Ronda Sant Pere, 15)

Eurostars Gran Ronda Hotel (Address: RONDA SAN ANTONIO 49)

Eurostars Grand Marina (Address: Moll De Barcelona, S/n)

Eurostars Grand Marina (Address: Moll De Barcelona, S/n)

Eurostars Grand Marina 5 GL (Address: WTC Moll de Barcelona s n)

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel (Address: WORLD TRADE CENTER MOLL DE BARCELONA S/N)

Eurostars Laietana Palace Hotel (Address: CALLE LAIETANA,17)

Eurostars Mitre (Address: Bertran, 9-11)

Eurostars Mitre (Address: Bertran 9-15)

Eurostars Mitre Hotel (Address: BERTRAN, 9-15)

Eurostars Monumental (Address: Consell De Cent, 498-500)

Eurostars Monumental (Address: Consell De Cent, 498-500)

Eurostars Ramblas (Address: Las Ramblas 22-24)

Eurostars Ramblas (Address: Las Ramblas 22-24)

Eurostars Ramblas Boqueria (Address: Rambla De Sant Josep, 91-93)

Eurostars Ramblas Boqueria (Address: Rambla Sant Josep, 91)

Evenia Rocafort (Address: Rocafort 23-25)

Evenia Rocafort (Address: Calle Rocafort, 23-25)

Evenia Rocafort (Address: Rocafort 23-25)

Evenia Rossello (Address: Rossello,191)

Evenia Rossello (Address: Rossello 191)

Exe Ab Viladomat (Address: Viladomat, 197)

Exe Gran Ronda (Address: Ronda Sant Antoni, 49)

Exe Laietana Palace (Address: Via Laietana, 17)

Exe Laietana Palace (Address: Via Laietana, 17)

Expo Barcelona (Address: Mallorca, 1-35)

Expo Barcelona (Address: Calle Mallorca 1-23)

Expo Executive (Address: Mallorca,1-35)

Expo Hotel (Address: Mallorca 1-23)

Expo Hotel Barcelona (Address: Mallorca, 1-23)

Expo Hotel Barcelona (Address: Mallorca 12308014 Barcelona)

Expo Hotel Barcelona Executive (Address: Mallorca Del 01 Al 23)

Felipe II Hostal Barcelona (Address: Calle Mallorca 329)

Fira Palace (Address: Avenida Rius i Taulet 1-3)

Flor Parks (Address: Ramblas 70)

Flor Parks (Address: Las Ramblas 70)

Four Points Bcn Diagonal (Address: Av. Diagonal, 161-163)

Four Points by Sheraton Barcelona Diagonal (Address: Avenida Diagonal 161-163)

Front Air Congress Aeropuerto (Address: Alberedes 16)

Front Maritim (Address: Calle Garcia Faria 69-71)

Gallery Hotel (Address: Rossello, 249)

Gallery Hotel (Address: Rossello 249)

Gallery Hotel (Address: Rosello 249)

Gaudi (Address: Calle Nou De La Rambla, 12)

Gbb Front Maritim (Address: Po Garcia Faria 69)

Glories (Address: Padilla, 173)

Glories (Address: Calle Padilla, 173)

Glories (Address: Padilla, 173)

Gotico (Address: C/jaime I, 14)

Gotico (Address: Calle Jaume I, 14)

Gran Catalonia (Address: Calle Balmes 142)

Gran Derby (Address: Calle Loreto, 28)

Gran Derby Hotel (Address: Loreto Street 28)

Gran Derby Suite (Address: Loreto, 28)

Gran Derby Suites (Address: Loreto, 28)

Gran Ducat (Address: Ronda Sant Pere, 15)

Gran Ducat (Address: Ronda Sant Pere, 15)

Gran Hotel Barcino (Address: Jaume I, 6)

Gran Hotel La Florida (Address: Crta Vallvidrera Al Tibidabo)

Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime (Address: Avenida del Hotel, 22 Castelldefels)

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya (Address: Avda De Roma, 2-4)

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya (Address: Avda De Roma 2-4)

Gran Ronda (Address: Ronda Sant Antoni, 49)

Gran Via (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 642)

Granados 83 (Address: Calle Enric Granados 83)

Granados 83 (Address: C/ Granados, 83)

Granados 83 (Address: Enric Granados, 83)

Grand Hotel Central (Address: Calle Laietana, 30)

Grand Hotel Central (Address: Via Laietana, 30)

Grand Hotel Central (Address: Via Layetana 30)

Granvia (Address: Corts Catalanas, 642)

Grums Barcelona (Address: Palaudaries 26)

Grums Hotel (Address: C/Palaudaries, 26)

Grupotel Gran Via 678 (Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanes)

Grupotel Gran Via 678 (Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanes)

Grupotel Gravina (Address: Calle Gravina, 12)

Guillermo Tell (Address: Guillem Tell, 49)

Guitart Grand Passage (Address: Calle Muntaner, 212)

Guitart Grand Passage (Address: Muntaner 212)

Guitart Grd Passage Barcelona (Address: Muntaner 212)

H10 Casanova (Address: Gran Via de les Corts)

H10 Casanova (Address: 559 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes)

H10 Cataluna Plaza (Address: Plaza Catalui??a, 7)

H10 Catalunya Plaza (Address: Pl. De Catalunya 7)

H10 Itaca (Address: Avenida Roma, 22)

H10 Itaca (Address: Avda. Roma, 22)

H10 Marina (Address: Av. Bogatell 64-68)

H10 Marina Barcelona (Address: Av. Bogatell 64-68)

H10 Marina Barcelona Hotel (Address: AV. BOGATELL, 64-68)

H10 Marina Barcelona Hotel (Address: Avda Bogatell 64-68)

H10 Montcada (Address: Via Laietana, 24)

H10 Montcada Hotel (Address: Via Laietana 24)

H10 Raco Del Pi (Address: Calle Pi, 7)

H10 Universitat (Address: Ronda Universitat, 21)

H10 Universitat Hotel (Address: Ronda Universitat, 21)

H10 Universitat Hotel (Address: RONDA UNIVERSITAT, 21)

HCC Covadonga (Address: Avda Diagonal 596)

Hcc Covadonga (Address: Av Diagonal, 596)

Hcc Covadonga (Address: Avda. Diagonal, 596)

Hcc Covadonga Hotel (Address: AVENIDA DIAGONAL, 596)

Hcc Montblanc (Address: Via Laietana, 61)

Hcc Montblanc (Address: Via Laietana, 61)

HCC Montblanc (Address: Via Layetana 61)

Hcc Montblanc Hotel (Address: VIA LAIETANA, 61)

Hcc Open (Address: C/ Diputacion, 100)

HCC Open (Address: C/Diputacio, 100)

Hcc Open (Address: Diputacio, 100)

Hcc Open (Address: Calle Diputacion 100)

HCC Open Hotel (Address: Diputacio 100)

Hcc Open Hotel (Address: CALLE DIPUTACIi??, 100)

Hcc Regente (Address: Rambla Catalunya, 76)

HCC Regente (Address: Rambla Catalunya 76)

Hcc Regente (Address: Rambla De Catalunya, 76)

Hcc Regente (Address: Rambla De Catalunya 76)

Hcc Regente Hotel (Address: RAMBLA CATALUNYA, 76)

Hcc Sant Moritz (Address: C/diputacion 262-264)

HCC St. Moritz (Address: Diputacio 262-264)

Hcc St.moritz (Address: Diputacion, 264)

Hcc Taber (Address: Aragon, 256)

HCC Taber (Address: Aragon 256)

Hcc Taber (Address: Arago,256)

Hcc Taber Hotel (Address: ARAGi??, 264)

Hcristina (Address: Gran De Gracia 14)

Hesperia Carlit (Address: Diputacio, 383)

HESPERIA CARLIT (Address: Diputacion, 383)

Hesperia Carlit (Address: C/diputacion 383)

Hesperia Del Mar (Address: Espronceda 6)

Hesperia Del Mar (Address: Espronceda, Esq.garcia Y Faria)

Hesperia Del Mar (Address: Espronceda, 6)

Hesperia Del Port (Address: Avda Paralelo 40)

Hesperia Fira Suites (Address: Mare de Deu de Bellvitge 3)

Hesperia Metropol (Address: Ample 31)

Hesperia Metropol (Address: Ample, 31)

Hesperia Presidente (Address: Diagonal, 570)

Hesperia Presidente (Address: Diagonal, 570)

Hesperia Presidente (Address: Avenida diagonal 570)

Hesperia Ramblas (Address: Hospital 26)

Hesperia Sant Joan (Address: JOSEP TRUETA 2)

Hesperia Sport Barcelona (Address: Provenza 408)

Hesperia Sport Barcelona (Address: Proveni??a 408-418)

Hi Express Barcelona 22@ (Address: Pallars 203)

Hilton Barcelona (Address: Avenida Diagonal, 589-591)

Hilton Barcelona (Address: Avenida Diagonal 589-591)

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona (Address: Passeig del Taulat 262-264)

Hispanos 7 Suiza Apartamentos (Address: Calle Sicilia 255)

Hlg Citypark Nicaragua Hotel (Address: NICARAGUA, 47)

Holiday Inn Express BARCELONA - CITY 22@ (Address: CALLE PALLARS 203)

Hostal Ballestero Barcelona (Address: Manuel Sancho 2)

Hostal Bcn Port (Address: Avenida Paral.lel 15)

Hostal Boqueria Barcelona (Address: Ramblas 100 Piso 1)

Hostal Canigo (Address: Passatge Flaugier, 31)

Hostal Canigo Barcelona (Address: Pasaje Flaugier 31)

Hostal Casa Con Estilo (Address: C/ Balmes, 395 6i?? 1i??)

Hostal Equity Point Centric (Address: Passeig De Gracia 33)

Hostal Orleans Barcelona (Address: Av Marques Argentera 13)

Hotel Arenas (Address: Capitan Arenas 20)

Hotel 1898 (Address: La Rambla, 109)

HOTEL 4 BARCELONA (Address: C- doctor trueta 164)

Hotel Acta Mimic (Address: Calle Arc De Teatre 58)

Hotel Alba Barcelona (Address: Calle Hospital 83)

Hotel Aptos. Augusta (Address: Lincoln, 32-34 Esq.)

Hotel Aranea (Address: Concell De Cent 444)

Hotel Arc La Rambla (Address: La Rambla 19)

Hotel Aristol (Address: Cartagena 369)

Hotel Arts Barcelona (Address: Marina 19-21)

Hotel Auto Hogar (Address: Av. Paral.lel 64)

Hotel Avenida Palace (Address: Gran Via de les Corts)

Hotel Axel Barcelona (Address: Aribau 33)

Hotel Bagues (Address: La Rambla 105)

Hotel Balmes Barcelona (Address: Mallorca 216)

Hotel Barcelona (Address: C/Caspe 1-13)

Hotel Caledonian Barcelona (Address: G V Corts Catalanes 574)

HOTEL CASPE (Address: CASP, 103 - 109)

Hotel Ciutat Vella (Address: Tallers 66)

Hotel Claris (Address: Pau Claris 150)

Hotel Claris (Address: Pau Claris 150)

Hotel Cram (Address: C/ Aribau 54)

Hotel Curious (Address: Carrer Carme 25)

Hotel Del Teatre Auditori (Address: Ribes 71)

Hotel Fira Palace (Address: Avenida Rius I Taulet 1-3)

Hotel Front Maritim (Address: PASEO GARCIA FARIA 69-71)

Hotel Granados 83 (Address: Enrique Granados 83)

Hotel Gravina (Address: Calle Gravina 12)

Hotel H10 Itaca (Address: AVENIDA ROMA, 22)

Hotel Hcc St. Moritz (Address: CALLE DIPUTACIO 264)

Hotel Husa Barcelona (Address: Caspe 1 13)

Hotel Husa Oriente (Address: Ramblas 45)

Hotel Icaria Barcelona (Address: Avinguda Icaria 195)

Hotel Inglaterra Barcelona (Address: Pelai 14)

Hotel Medium Abalon (Address: TRAVESERA DE GRACIA 380-384)

Hotel Medium Aristol (Address: CARTAGENA 369)

Hotel Miramar Barcelona (Address: Plaza Carlos Ibanez No. 3)

Hotel Montecarlo (Address: La Rambla 124)

Hotel Montecarlo (Address: La Rambla 124)

Hotel Murmuri (Address: Rambla Catalunya 104)

Hotel Onix Fira (Address: Llanca 30)

Hotel Onix Liceo (Address: Nou de la rambla 36)

Hotel Onix Rambla (Address: Rambla De Cataluna 24)

Hotel Paral.lel (Address: Poeta Cabanyes, 5-7)

Hotel Parallel (Address: Poeta Cabanyes 5-7)

Hotel Pere IV Barcelona (Address: C/Pallars 128-130)

Hotel Princesa Sofia (Address: Plaza Pio XII, 4)

Hotel Prueba (Address: It Does Not Exist)

Hotel Pulitzer (Address: Bergara North 8)

Hotel Regina (Address: C Bergara 4)

Hotel Rekord (Address: C/ MUNTANER, 352)

Hotel Ritz in Barcelona (Address: Gran Via Cortes Catalanas 668)

Hotel Roger De Lluria (Address: Calle Roger de Lluria 28)

Hotel Santa Marta (Address: General Castanos, 14)

Hotel SB Diagonal Zero Barcelona (Address: Plaza De Llevant, S/N)

Hotel Sercotel Abbot Barcelona (Address: Av. Roma 23)

Hotel Sercotel Amister (Address: Avenida Roma, 93 - 95)

Hotel Sercotel Europark (Address: Aragon 325)

Hotel Sercotel Glories (Address: Padilla, 173 08013 Barcelona)

Hotel Sercotel Jazz (Address: Pelayo 3)

Hotel Sercotel U232 (Address: 232 Comte D Urgell)

Hotel SERHS Rivoli Rambla (Address: Rambla De Los Estudios 128)

Hotel Soho (Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 543-545)

Hotel Spa Senator Barcelona (Address: Calle Cardenal Reig, 11)

Hotel Via Augusta (Address: Via Augusta, 63)

Hotel Villa Emilia (Address: Calle Calabria 115-117)

Husa Arenas (Address: Capitan Arenas, 20)

Husa Arenas (Address: Calle Capitan Arenas 20)

Husa Barcelona Mar (Address: Calle Provencals 10)

Husa Barcelona Mar (Address: Proveni??als, 10)

Husa Barcelona Mar (Address: Proveni??als, 10)

Husa Illa (Address: Av. Diagonal, 555)

Husa Illa (Address: Diagonal 555)

Husa L'Illa Hotel (Address: Diagonal 555)

Husa Oriente (Address: Calle La Rambla, 45-47)

Husa Oriente Ramblas (Address: Ramblas, 45)

Husa Pedralbes (Address: Fontcoberta 4)

Husa Pedralbes (Address: Fontcuberta, 4)

Husa Pedralbes (Address: Calle Fontcoberta, 4)

Husa Pedralbes (Address: Fontcoberta, 4)

Husa Tres Torres (Address: Calatrava 32)

Husa Tres Torres (Address: CALATRAVA 32)

Husa Via Barcelona (Address: Maria Tarrida 6 7)

ibis Barcelona Meridiana (Address: Heron city)

Icaria Barcelona (Address: Calle Icaria 195)

Inglaterra (Address: Pelai 14)

Internacional Cool Local Hotel (Address: Ramblas, 78-80)

Jazz (Address: Pelai, 3)

Junior (Address: Calle Sarria, 9)

Kkhotel Picasso Barcelona (Address: Passeig/Paseo de Picasso, 26-30)

La Mola Hotel (Address: Cami Dels Plans de can Bonvilar sn)

L'Alguer (Address: Ptge. Pere Rodriguez, 20)

Le Meridien Barcelona (Address: Ramblas 111)

Le Meridien Barcelona (Address: Ramblas 111)

Livingbarcelona Apartments Barcelona (Address: C de la creu Coberta 23)

Lleo (Address: Calle Pelayo 22-24)

Lleo (Address: Pelayo, 24)

Madanis (Address: Riera Blanca 10)

Majestic Hotel And Spa ***** Gl (Address: Passeig De Gracia, 68)

Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona (Address: Paseo de Gracia 68)

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona (Address: Paseo de Gracia 38 40)

Marina (Address: Calle Marina, 306)

Marina Beach Apartments (Address: Calle Marina 60)

Me Barcelona (Address: Pere IV, 272-286)

ME Barcelona (Address: Pere IV 272-286)

Me Barcelona (Address: Pere Iv 272-286)

Medicis (Address: Calle Castillejos 340)

Medinaceli (Address: Duc De Medinaceli, 8)

Medium Abalon (Address: Trav. De Gracia, 380-384)

Medium Abalon (Address: Calle Travessera De Gracia 380-384)

Medium Abalon (Address: Travesera De Gracia 380-384)

Medium Aristol (Address: Calle Cartagena 369)

Medium Aristol (Address: C/cartagena, 369)

Medium City (Address: Nicaragua 47)

Medium Confort (Address: Travesera de Gracia, 72)

Medium Confort Hotel (Address: TRAVESERA DE GRACIA, 72)

Medium Medicis Hotel (Address: CASTILLEJOS 340)

Medium Monegal Hotel (Address: Pelayo 62)

Medium Prisma (Address: Josep Tarradellas, 119-121)

Medium Prisma (Address: Calle Josep Tarradellas 119-121)

Medium Prisma (Address: Av. Josep Tarradellas 119-121)

Medium Prisma Hotel (Address: AV. JOSEP TARRADELLAS 119-121)

MELIA BARCELONA (Address: Avenida Sarria, 50)

Melia Barcelona (Address: Calle De Sarria, 50)

Melia Barcelona (Address: Avinguda De Sarria 50)

MELIA SITGES (Address: Joan Salvat Papasseit, 38)

MH Apartments Fira (Address: Pasaje Montserrat de Andres 13)

Mitre (Address: Calle Bertran 9)

Moderno (Address: Calle Hospital, 11)

Murmuri (Address: Rambla Catalunya,104)

Neri H And R (Address: San Sever 5)

Neri Hotel & Restaurante (Address: Sant Server 5)

Neri Hotel and Restaurant (Address: Sant Sever 5)

NH Barcelona Centro (Address: Duc 15)

NH Barcelona Stadium (Address: Travessera les Corts 150-152)

NH Belagua (Address: Via Augusta 89-91)

NH Calderon (Address: Rambla Catalunya, 26)

Nh Calderon (Address: Rambla De Catalui??a 26)

NH Condor (Address: Via Augusta 127)

Nh Constanza (Address: Calle Deu I Mata 66-99)

NH Constanza (Address: 1 Deu I Mata 69-99)

Nh Constanza (Address: Deu I Mata 69-99)

NH Diagonal Center (Address: Alaba 94-96)

Nh Duc de la Victoria (Address: Calle Victoria 15)

Nh Forum (Address: Calle Equador, 20)

Nh La Maquinista (Address: Calle Sao Paulo, 33-37)

NH La Maquinista (Address: Sao Paulo 33-37)

NH Les Corts (Address: Travessera de les Corts 292)

NH Master (Address: Valencia 105-107)

NH Numancia (Address: Numancia 74)

Nh Numancia (Address: Calle Numancia, 74)

Nh Numancia (Address: Numancia, 74)

Nh Podium (Address: Calle Bailen 4-6)

NH Podium (Address: Bailen 4-6)

Nh Rallye (Address: Calle Corts, 150-152)

NH Sant Angelo (Address: Consell de Cent 74)

NH Sants Center (Address: Ecuador 20)

Novotel Barcelona City (Address: Avenida Diagonal 201)

Oasis (Address: Calle Pla De Palau 17)

Occidental Reding (Address: C/ Gravina 5-7)

Ohla Hotel (Address: Via Laietana 49)

Ohla Hotel (Address: Via Laietana 49)

Old Town Apartments (Address: Fontanella 18)

Olivia Plaza (Address: Plaza Catalui??a 19)

Olivia Plaza Hotel 4 Sup. (Address: Plaza Cataluna, 19)

Olivia Plaza Hotel Sterling Hotels (Address: Plaza Catalunya 19)

Omm (Address: Rosello 265)

Omm (Address: Calle De Rosselli??, 265)

Omm (Address: Rossellon 265)

Oriente (Address: Ramblas, 45)

Palace (Address: G. Via Corts Catalanes, 668)

Park (Address: Marques De Argentera)

Pension de La Plaza de Goya Barcelona (Address: Calle Sepulveda 187)

Pension Picasso Barcelona (Address: Calle Ramblas 25)

Pere Iv (Address: Calle Pallars 128-130)

Pere Iv (Address: Calle Pallars, 128-130)

Pestana Arena (Address: C/ Consell De Cent, 51-53 ( Esq. C/ Bejar ))

Petit Palace BCN (Address: C/Roger De Lluria 21)

Petit Palace Bcn Hotel (Address: C/ ROGER DE LLURIA, 21)

Petit Palace Boqueria (Address: La Boqueria 12)

Petit Palace Museum (Address: C/ Diputacion 250)

Petit Palace Opera Garden Ramblas (Address: C/ Boqueria, 10)

Praktik Rambla (Address: Rambla Catalunya 27)

Prestige Paseo de Gracia (Address: Paseo De Gracia, 62)

Prestige Paseo De Gracia Hotel (Address: PASEO DE GRACIA, 62)

Princesa Sofia (Address: Calle Pio Xii 4)

Princesa Sofia (Address: Placa De Pius Xii, 4)

Princesa Sofia (Address: Plaza De Pius Xii, N? 4)

Pulitzer Barcelona (Address: Bergara, 6-8)

Pullman Barcelona Skipper (Address: Av del Litoral 10)

Pullman Barcelona Skipper (Address: Av. Litoral 10)

Rafaelhoteles Diagonal Port (Address: Lope de Vega 4)

Regencia Colon (Address: Sagristans, 13-17)

Regencia Colon Hotel (Address: 13-17 Sagristans)

Regina (Address: Bergara, 2-4)

Regina (Address: Calle Bergara 2-4)

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel (Address: Pau Claris, 122)

Rey Juan Carlos I (Address: Av Diagonal 661 671)

Rey Juan Carlos I (Address: Avda. Diagonal, 661-671)

Rey Juan Carlos I Business And City Resort (Address: Av Diagonal, 661-671)

Rialto (Address: Carrer Ferran, 40-42)

Rialto (Address: Calle Ferran, 40-42)

Ritz Roger de Lluria (Address: Calle Roger De Lluria 28)

Ritz Roger De Lluria (Address: Roger De Lluria, 28)

Rivoli Ramblas (Address: Calle La Rambla, 128)

Rivoli Ramblas Hotel (Address: LA RAMBLA 128)

Roger De Lluria (Address: Roger De Lluria 28)

Room Mate Emma (Address: C/ Rosellon 205)

Room Mate Emma (Address: Rosello 205)

Royal Ramblas (Address: Ramblas, 117)

Royal Ramblas (Address: Las Ramblas 117)

Royal Ramblas (Address: ramblas 117)

Royal Ramblas Hotel (Address: Ramblas 117-119)

Rusticae Urbisol (Address: Ctra. Manresa a Vic, km 20)

Sagrada Familia (Address: C/ Corcega 541)

Sagrada Familia

Salles Hotel Pere IV (Address: C Pallars 128-130)

Salli??s Hotel Pere Iv (Address: Pallars 128-130)

Salli??s Hotel Pere Iv (Address: Pallars 128-130)

Sansi Diputacio Hotel (Address: Diputacion 234-236)

Sant Antoni (Address: Consell De Cent 476)

Santa Marta (Address: Calle General Castai??os, 14)

Senator Barcelona Hotel (Address: CARDENAL REIG, 11)

Senator Barcelona Spa Hotel (Address: Cardenal Reig 11)

Sercotel Barcelona Montjuic (Address: San Fructuoso, 64-74)

Sercotel Barcelona Princess (Address: Diagonal, 1)

Sercotel Barcelona Universal (Address: Avenida Parallel 76 78)

Sercotel B-Hotel (Address: Gran Via, 389 - 391)

Silken Concordia (Address: Paralelo, 115)

Silken Concordia (Address: Avenida Paralel, 115b)

Silken Concordia Hotel (Address: Avenida Paralelo 115)

Silken Diagonal (Address: Diagonal, 205)

Silken Diagonal (Address: Avenida Diagonal, 205)

Silken Diagonal Barcelona (Address: Diagonal 205)

Silken Gran Hotel Havana (Address: Gran Via 647)

Silken Gran Hotel Havana (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 647)

Silken Gran Hotel Havana (Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanas, 647)

Silken Ramblas (Address: Pintor Fortuny 13)

Silken Ramblas Hotel (Address: Pintor Fortuny 13)

Silken Sant Gervasi Hotel (Address: C/SANT GERVASI DE CASSOLES 26)

Silken St. Gervasi (Address: Sant Gervasi De Cassoles, 26)

Sixtytwo Hotel (Address: Passeig De Gracia 62)

Soho (Address: Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 543-545)

Splendom Suites (Address: Valencia St 194)

Splendom Suites (Address: Calle Valencia, 194)

SUITES AVENUE (Address: Passeig de Gracia 83)

Suites Center Barcelona (Address: Paseo De Gracia 128)

Suites Center Barcelona (Address: Paseo De Gracia 128)

Suizo (Address: Plaza Del Angel, 12)

Suizo (Address: Pza. Del Angel, 12)

Sunny Flats Apart (Address: Carrer Sepulveda 125)

Sunotel Aston Hotel (Address: C/ PARi??S, 101)

Sunotel Central (Address: Calle Gran Vi??a De Les Corts Catalanes 570)

Sunotel Junior (Address: AV.SARRIA , 9)

Sunotel Junior Hotel (Address: Avenida Sarria, 9)

The Mirror Barcelona (Address: Ci??rsega 255)

The Mirror Barcelona (Address: C Corcega 255)

The Praktik (Address: Diputacion 325)

TOP Hotel Atlantis Barcelona (Address: Carrer de Pelai 20)

TOP Hotel Ramblas Barcelona (Address: Ramblas 33)

Torre Catalunya (Address: Calle Roma, 2-4)

Torre Catalunya (Address: Avda. Roma. 2408014 Barcelona)

Travelodge Barcelona Hospitalet (Address: C/Botanica 25)

Travessera Hotel Barcelona (Address: Travessera de Dalt 121)

Tres Torres (Address: Calatrava, 32 - 34)

Tres Torres (Address: Calatrava, 32-34)

Tryp Apolo (Address: Avenida Paralelo 57-59)

TRYP Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel (Address: Plz. Pla de LEstany 1-2 Mas Blau II)

TRYP Barcelona Apolo Hotel (Address: Avenida Paralelo, 57-59)

TRYP Barcelona Condal Mar Hotel (Address: Cristobal de Moura 138)

Tryp Condal Mar (Address: Cristobal de Moura 138)

Turin (Address: Pintor Fortuny, 9)

U232 (Address: Comte De Urgell, 232)

Vilamari Hotel (Address: Vilamari 34-36)

Vilassar (Address: C Av Carlos III)

Villa Emilia (Address: Calabria 115-117)

Villa Emilia (Address: Calle Calabria 115-117)

Villa Olimpica Suites Hotel (Address: C/ Pallars 121-125)

Vincci Bit (Address: Josep Pla 69)

Vincci Condal Mar (Address: Calle Cristobal De Moura, 138)

Vincci Condal Mar (Address: C/ Cristi??bal De Moura, 138)

Vincci Maritimo (Address: C/llull 340)

W Barcelona (Address: Placa de la Rosa dels Vents, 1)

Wilson Boutique Hotel (Address: Av. Diagonal, 568)

Wilson Boutique Hotel Barcelona (Address: Avenida Diagonal 568)

Zenit Barcelona (Address: Calle Santalo 8)

Zenit Barcelona (Address: Santalo, 8)

Zenit Barcelona (Address: Santalo, 8)

Zenit Borrell (Address: Comte De Borrell 208)

Zenit Borrell (Address: Comte Borrell, 208)

Zenit Borrell Hotel (Address: C/COMTE BORRELL, 208)

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