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B.w. Albergo San Marco
B.w. Albergo San Marco

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Browse VENICE hotels list from A to Z to find your accommodation

Acca Hotel (Address: San Polo 2160)

Ai Due Leoni (Address: Cannaregio 565)

Ai Mori D Oriente Hotel (Address: Fondamenta Della Sensa 3319)

Ai Mori D'Oriente (Address: F.ta Della Sensa, Cannaregio,3)

Ai Pini Park Hotel Venice (Address: Via Miranese 176)

Al Duca Di Venezia (Address: Fontego dei Tuchi 1739 Santa Croce)

Al Gambero Hotel (Address: Calle dei Fabbri, 4687 - S.Marco)

Al Nido Di Giulietta E Romeo (Address: San Polo 1858)

Al Ponte Mocenigo (Address: S. Croce 2063 Venice, 30135 Italy)

Albergo Ausonia And Hungaria (Address: Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 28)

Albergo Quattro Fontane (Address: Via Quattro Fontane 16)

all seasons Venezia Marghera (Address: Via Malamocco, 14 Marghera)

All Suites San Marco Palace (Address: PIAZZA SAN MARCO 875)

Alla Corte Rossa (Address: Dorsoduro 2518)

Allegra (Address: Venezia Ivv418)

Alloggi alla Rivetta (Address: San Marco 3986)

Amadeus (Address: Lista Di Spagna 227)

Amadeus Hotel - Gardena Hotels (Address: CANNAREGIO, 227)

American Dinesen Hotel (Address: San Vio 628 Accademia)


Antiche Figure Hotel (Address: SANTA CROCE 688 FOND. SAN SIMEON PICCOLO)

Antico Hotel Panada (Address: San Marco, 646)

Antony Palace Hotel (Address: Via Mattei, 28)

Apostoli Palace Hotel (Address: CALLE DEL PADIGLION 4702)

Aqua Palace Hotel (Address: Calle de la Malvasia)

Ariston Hotel (Address: Via Bergamo, 12)

Arlecchino Hotel (Address: Fondamenta Delle Burchielle 390)

Ateneo (Address: Calle Minelli, 1876)

Ateneo Hotel (Address: San Marco 1876)

Atlantide (Address: Calle della Misericordia 375/A - Cannaregio)

B.w. Albergo San Marco (Address: Piazza San Marco, 877)

B4 Venezia Mestre by Boscolo (Address: Via Luigi Peron, 4)

Bartolomeo Hotel (Address: CAMPO SAN BARTOLOMEO)

Bauer Hotel (Address: CAMPO S.MOISE-1459)

Bauer Hotel Palladio & Spa (Address: Giudecca 33)

Bauer Il Palazzo (Address: San Marco 1413 D)

Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel (Address: SAN MARCO 1459)

Bauer L Hotel (Address: Campo S. Moise 1459 San Marco)

Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa (Address: Giudecca 33)

Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa (Address: Giudecca 33)

Becher (Address: San Marco, 1857)

Bed and Breakfast Alla Vigna - (Address: Castello 2950)

Bel Sito Berlino (Address: San Marco 2517)

Belle Arti Hotel (Address: RIO TERRA M. FOSCARINI 912A)

Belle Epoque Hotel (Address: LISTA DI SPAGNA-CANNAREGIO 127)

Bellevue Suites St Mark Square (Address: Calle dei Baloni 197)

BEST WESTERN Albergo San Marco (Address: Piazza San Marco 877,)

BEST WESTERN Biasutti Hotel (Address: Viale Dandolo 29)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Ala (Address: San Marco 2494 - Campo Santa Maria Del Giglio)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Bisanzio (Address: Riva Degli Schiavoni, Calle Della Pieta-3651)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Bologna (Address: Via Piave 214)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Cavalletto E Doge Orseolo (Address: Piazza San Marco 1107)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Montecarlo (Address: Calle Specchiere 463-San Marco)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Olimpia (Address: Santa Croce 395)

BEST WESTERN Htl Villa Mabapa (Address: Riviera San Nicolo 16)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant' Elena (Address: Calle Buccari 10)

Biasutti Hotel (Address: VIALE ENRICO DANDOLO, 27/29)

Bisanzio (Address: Calle Della Pieta 3651)

Bonvecchiati (Address: San Marco 4488)

Bonvecchiati Hotel (Address: Piazza San Marco 4488)

Boscolo Bellini (Address: Lista di Spagna 116/A)

Boscolo Bellini (Address: Lista Di Spagna 116/a)

Boscolo Dei Dogi (Address: Fondamenta Madonna dell Orto 3500)

Boscolo Hotel Dei Dogi (Address: Madonna Dell'orto 3500)

Boscolo Venezia, Autograph Collection (Address: Fond. Madonna dell'Orto 3500)

Boutique Hotel Locanda Ca Valeri (Address: San Marco Castello, Ramo Corazzieri, 3845)

Ca' Alvise (Address: San Marco, Calle della Verona, 3673)

Ca Dei Conti (Address: Fondamenta Del Remedio 4429)

Ca Dei Conti Hotel (Address: FONDAMENTA REMEDIO 4429-CASTELLO)

Ca del Borgo (Address: Piazza delle Erbe 8)

Ca Dogaressa Hotel (Address: CANNAREGIO 1018)

Ca' D'Oro (Address: Cannaregio 4604)

Ca' Formenta (Address: Castello 1650)

Ca Gottardi (Address: Cannaregio 2283)

Ca Maria Adele (Address: Dorsoduro 111)

Ca Pisani (Address: Dorsoduro 979 a)

Ca Pisani (Address: Dorsoduro 979 A)

Ca Sagredo Hotel (Address: Campo Santa Sofia 4198/99)

Cacorner (Address: Venezia Ivv405)

Ca'Del Moro (Address: Via Malamocco 83)

Cadellacorte (Address: Venezia Ivv416)

Canal Walter Hotel (Address: SANTA CROCE 553)

Canal E Walter (Address: Santa Croce, 553-240)

Canal Grande (Address: 932 Santa Croce)

Ca'Nigra Lagoon Resort (Address: Santa Croce 927)

Cannaregio (Address: Venezia Ivv427)

Ca'Pozzo Hotel (Address: Cannaregio 1279)

Casa Santa Maria Formosa (Address: Castello -5841)

Centrale Hotel (Address: P.le Donatori di sangue 14)

Centrale Hotel (Address: Piazzale Donatori di Sangue)

Centurion Palace (Address: Dorsoduro,173)

Charming House DD724 (Address: Dorsoduro, 724)

Ci?? Favretto San Cassiano - Residenza d'Epoca (Address: Santa Croce, 2232)

Colombina Hotel (Address: Calle Del Remedio Castello 4416)

Comfort Hotel Diana (Address: San Marco - Calle Specchieri)

Concordia (Address: Minelli San Marco, 367)

Concordia Hotel (Address: Calle Larga San Marco 367)

Continental (Address: Lista Di Spagna, 166)

Continental Hotel Venice (Address: Cannaregio 166)

Courtyard Venice Airport (Address: Via Triestina 170)

Dei Dogi - A Boscolo Luxury Hotel (Address: FONDAMENTA MADONNA DELL ORTO)

Diamante E Smeraldo (Address: San Marco 4262 Salizada San Paternian)


Domina Home Ci?? Zusto (Address: Campiello Rielo, Santa Croce 1358)

Domina Home Ci?? Zusto (Address: Campo Rielo - Santa Croce 1358)


DREAM (Address: Via delle Garzette, ni??5)

Duodo Palace Hotel (Address: San Marco 1887 - 1888)

Duodo Palace Hotel (Address: Calle Minelli San Marco 1887/1)

Eurostars Residenza Cannaregio (Address: Cannaregio 3210/a)

Falier Hotel (Address: Salizzada San Pantalon 130)

Foscari Palace (Address: Campo Santa Sofia, 4201/1/1a)

Giorgione (Address: Cannaregio, 4587)

Giorgione Hotel (Address: Cannaregio-Ss Apostoli 4587)

Golden Tulip Tritone Venice Mestre (Address: Via Stazione 16)

Gorizia A La Valigia (Address: C. De Fabbri/s.marco 4696/a)

Grand Albergo Ausonia Hungaria (Address: GRAN VIALE S. MARIA ELISABETTA, 28)

Graspo de Ua (Address: San Marco, 5094)

Guest House Hotel Al Portico (Address: Cannaregio 1804)

Guidi Hotel (Address: via Forte Marghera, 197 Mestre)

Hesperia Hotel (Address: CANNAREGIO 459 CALLE RIELLO)

Hilton Garden Inn Venice Mestre (Address: Via Orlanda 1)

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice (Address: Giudecca 810)

Hotel La Fenice Et Des Artistes (Address: Campiello Fenice 1936)

Hotel A La Commedia (Address: San Marco 4596/a)

Hotel A La Commedia (Address: San Marco 4596)

Hotel Al Canal Regio (Address: Cannaregio 3632a)

Hotel Al Canal Regio (Address: Cannaregio 3632a)

Hotel Al Graspo de Ua (Address: San Marco 5094)

Hotel Al Nuovo Teson (Address: Calle Pescaria 3980)

Hotel Al Nuovo Teson (Address: Calle Pescaria 3980)

Hotel Al Sole Venezia (Address: Sestriere Santa Croce 134-136)

Hotel All Angelo (Address: San Marco 403)

Hotel Alla Fava (Address: castello ni?? 5525)

Hotel Alle Guglie (Address: RIO TERRA SAN LEONARDO ,CANNAREGIO 1523)

Hotel Alloggi Agli Artisti (Address: Calle Priuli Cavalletti 99)

Hotel Altieri (Address: via Altinia, 51)

Hotel Ambasciatori (Address: Corso del Popolo 221)

Hotel Antiche Figure (Address: Santa Croce 686-687)

Hotel Antico Doge (Address: Campo SS.Apostoli - Cannareggio 5643)

Hotel Ariston (Address: Via Bergamo 12)

Hotel Atlantide (Address: Calle della Misericordia)

Hotel Basilea (Address: S Croce Rio Marin 817)

Hotel Bella Venezia (Address: San Marco 4701/11)

Hotel Bonvecchiati (Address: San Marco 4488)

Hotel Ca Amadi (Address: Cannaregio 5815)

Hotel Ca Arco Antico (Address: 1451 San Polo)

Hotel Ca del Campo (Address: S Marco 511)

Hotel Ca Formenta (Address: Castello 1650 Via)

Hotel Ca Lucrezia (Address: Calle Priuli 76)

Hotel Ca' Vendramin (Address: Cannaregio 2400)

Hotel Canal (Address: S. Croce 553)

Hotel Carlton Grand Canal (Address: S.CROCE 578)

Hotel Carlton Capri (Address: S.CROCE 595)

Hotel Casa Del Melograno (Address: Cannaregio 2023)

Hotel Casa Martini (Address: Cannaregio 1314)

Hotel Casanova (Address: San Marco 1284)

Hotel Cavalletto Doge Orseolo (Address: SAN MARCO 1107 - CALLE CAVALLETTO)

Hotel Cipriani and Palazzo Vendramin (Address: Giudecca 10)

Hotel Colombina (Address: Calle Del Remedio, 4416)

Hotel Colombina (Address: CASTELLO CALLE DEL REMEDIO)

Hotel Colombina (Address: Castello 4416 - Calle del Remedio)

Hotel Concordia (Address: CALLE LARGA S. MARCO 367)

Hotel Concordia (Address: Calle Larga S. Marco 367)

Hotel Danieli, Venice (Address: Castello 4196)

Hotel Dei Dragomanni (Address: San Marco 2711)

Hotel Des Bains, Venice Lido Resort (Address: Lungomare Marconi 17)

Hotel Dona Palace (Address: San Marco, 391)

Hotel Edelweiss Stella Alpina** (Address: Calle Priuli dei Cavalletti 99/d Cannareggio)

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido (Address: Lungomare Marconi, 41)

Hotel Gabrielli (Address: Riva degli Schiavoni 4110)

Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth (Address: RIVA DEGLI SCHIAVONI ,4110)

Hotel Garibaldi (Address: Viale Garibaldi 24)

Hotel Giardinetto (Address: Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta 3)

Hotel Giorgione (Address: Cannaregio Ss Apostoli 4587)

Hotel Gorizia A La Valigia (Address: SAN MARCO 4696 - CALLE FABBRI A)

Hotel Graspo De Ua (Address: CALLE DEI BOMBASEI - SAN MARCO 5094)

Hotel Kette (Address: S. MARCO 2053)

Hotel Kette Venice (Address: San Marco 2053)

Hotel Locanda Arte (Address: Calle del Frutarol 2900)

Hotel Locanda Canal (Address: Fondamental del Remedio)

Hotel Locanda Conterie (Address: Calle Conterie 21)

Hotel Locanda Conterie (Address: Calle Conterie 21)

Hotel Locanda Herion*** (Address: Cannaregio 1704)

Hotel Marconi (Address: Riva del Vin-San Polo, 729)

Hotel Metropole (Address: Riva degli Schiavoni)

Hotel Michelangelo (Address: Via Forte Marghera 69)

Hotel Minerva e Nettuno (Address: Lista di Spagna 230)

Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal (Address: San Marco 1332)

Hotel Mondial (Address: Via Rizzardi 21)

Hotel Paganelli (Address: Riva degli Schiavoni 4182)

Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli & Gran Canal (Address: Santa Croce 2070a)

Hotel Palladio (Address: Via Malcontenta, 40/L Malcontenta Venice-Ma)

Hotel Panorama (Address: Piazzale SM Elisabetta)

Hotel Papadopoli Venezia - MGallery Collection (Address: Santa Croce 245)

Hotel President (Address: Via Forte Marghera 99 a)

Hotel Principe (Address: 146 Lista di Spagna)

Hotel Principe - Gardena Hotels (Address: CANNAREGIO 146 LISTA DI SPAGNA)

Hotel Reiter (Address: Gran Viale S Maria Elisabetta 57b)

Hotel Rialto (Address: San Marco 5149, Ponte Di Rialto)

Hotel Riviera (Address: P.le S.M. Elisabetta)

Hotel Roberta Mestre (Address: Via Sernaglia 21)

Hotel Royal San Marco (Address: San Marco 848)

Hotel San Giorgio (Address: San Marco calle della Mandola)

Hotel San Zulian (Address: San Marco 535)

Hotel Santa Marina (Address: Castello Camp Santa Marina)

Hotel Saturnia and International (Address: Via XXII Marzo 2398)

Hotel Scandinavia (Address: Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Castello 5240)

Hotel Torino (Address: Calle delle Ostreghe 23456)

Hotel Tritone (Address: Viale Stazione- 16)


Hotel Villa Parco (Address: Via Rodi 1)

Hotel Villa Serena (Address: Via Mezzacapo 2B)

Hotel Villa Tiziana (Address: Via A. Gritti 3 Lido)

Il Mercante Di Venezia Hotel (Address: Calle Della Misericordia-Cannaregio 379)

Il Nido Di Giulietta e Romeo. (Address: San Polo 1858)

La Fenice Et Des Artistes (Address: San Marco 1936, Campiello Della Fenice)

La Forcola (Address: Canareggio 2283)

La Scala Palace (Address: San Marco,Calle dei Fabbri (Calle delle Scale)

Lanterna di Marco Polo Hotel (Address: San Marco 4979)

Le Boulevard (Address: Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 41)

Liassidi Palace (Address: Castello, Ponte Dei Greci 3405)

Liassidi Palace (Address: Castello, Ponte Dei Greci 3405)

Locanda Antica Venezia (Address: Frezzeria San Marco 1672)

Locanda Antica Venezia (Address: San Marco, 1672 Frezzeria)

Locanda Armizo (Address: Campo S Silvestro S Polo)

Locanda La Corte (Address: Calle Bressana 6317)

Locanda La Corte (Address: Castello 6317)

Locanda Ovidius (Address: Calle D Sturion San Paolo 677)

Locanda Vivaldi (Address: Riva Degli Schiavoni 4150-4152)

Locanda Vivaldi Hotel (Address: Riva degli Schiavoni, 4152-53)

Londra Palace (Address: Riva Degli Schiavoni, 4171)

Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice (Address: San Marco 1243)

Marconi (Address: S. Polo, 729)

Marconi (Address: S. Polo, 729)

Metropole Hotel (Address: Riva degli Schiavoni 4149)

Minotel Aurora (Address: Piazzetta Giordano Bruno 15)

Minotel Mary (Address: Via Orlanda 152)

Moderno Hotel (Address: Lista di Spagna 154/B - Cannaregio)

Monaco And Grand Canal (Address: San Marco 1332)

Monaco and Quisana (Address: Via Palladio 1)


NH MANIN (Address: San Marco Corte dell'Albero 3878/A)

Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana (Address: Via Ceccherini 21)

Orion Hotel (Address: SPADARIA 700/A SAN MARCO)

Orsetti (Address: Venezia Ivv433)

Palace Bonvecchiati (Address: San Marco 4680)

Palace Bonvecchiati (Address: Via Dei Fabbri 4680)

Palace Bonvecchiati Hotel (Address: SAN MARCO 4680)

PalazzinaG (Address: San Marco 3247)

Palazzo Barbarigo (Address: San Polo 2765)

Palazzo Cendon (Address: Cendon Cannaregio 533)

Palazzo Guardi (Address: Dorsoduro 995)

Palazzo Odoni (Address: Fondamenta Minotto 151 Santa Croce)

Palazzo Sant Angelo (Address: Via San Marco N 3878 / B -3488)

Palazzo Sant Angelo sul Canal (Address: San Marco 3878/B - 3488)

Palazzo Schiavoni NIHotels (Address: Fondamenta dei Furlani 3288 - Castello)

Palazzo Selvadego (Address: San Marco, 1238)

Panada Hotel (Address: San Marco 646)

Panorama (Address: Piazzale Sta M. Elisabetta, 1)

Plaza Hotel (Address: 36 Viale Stazione)

Quattro Fontane Hotel (Address: VIA DELLE QUATTRO FONTANE, 16)

R. Cannaregio (Address: Dei Reformati, Cannaregio 3210/a)

Raffaele (Address: Venezia Ivv442)

Relais Piazza San Marco (Address: San Marco 312)

RESIDENZA GOLDONI (Address: San Marco, 5232)

Richinvelda (Address: Venezia Ivv443)

Royal San Marco (Address: Piazza S. Marco, 848)

Royal San Marco Hotel (Address: San Marco 848)

Russo Palace (Address: Riviera San Nicolo)

Russo Palace Hotel (Address: Riviera San Nicolo 11)

Russott Hotel (Address: Via Orlanda 4)

Ruzzini Palace Hotel (Address: Castello, 5866)

San Clemente Palace and Resort (Address: Isola Di San Clemente 1)

San Gallo (Address: San Marco 1093 A)

San Marco Hotel Ambassador (Address: Piazza San Marco, 905)

San Marco Hotel Cavalletto (Address: San Marco, 1107)

San Marco Palace All Suites (Address: San Marco 875)

San Marco Royal Hotel (Address: Piazza San Marco, 848)

San Moisi?? (Address: Piscina San Moisi??, San Marco 2058)

San Moisi?? (Address: Piscina San Moise, San Marco 2058)

San Zulian Hotel (Address: SAN MARCO 534/535 (CAMPO DELLA GUERRA))

Sandalo (Address: Venezia Ivv400)

Santa Chiara (Address: Santa Croce 548)

Santa Chiara Hotel (Address: Santa Croce 548)

Saturnia International Hotel (Address: Via Xxii Marzo 2398)

Savoia & Jolanda Hotel (Address: Castello 4187)

Sensa (Address: Venezia Ivv426)

Sina Centurion Palace (Address: Dorsoduro, 173)

Splendid Venice (Address: San Marco Mercerie 760)

Starhotels Splendid Venice (Address: San Marco Mercerie 760)

Starhotels Splendid Venice (Address: San Marco Mercerie, 760)

Starhotels Splendid Venice (Address: SAN MARCO - MERCERIE 760)

Suites Torre Dell'orologio (Address: San Marco 202/a)

The Gritti Palace, Venice (Address: Campo Santa Maria del Giglio)

The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice (Address: San Marco 2159)

The Westin Excelsior Resort, Venice Lido (Address: Lungomare Marconi, 41)

Tintoretto (Address: Cannaregio 2316)

Titian Inn Venice Airport (Address: Via Orlanda, 244)

Torino ( Anexo) (Address: Calle Delle Ostreghe, 2356)

Tre Archi (Address: Cannaregio, 923)

Tre Archi Hotel (Address: VIA CANNAREGIO 923)

Una Hotel Venezia (Address: Ruga Do Pozzi)

Una Hotel Venezia (Address: Cannaregio 4173)

Universo Nord Hotel (Address: CANNAREGIO 121, LISTA DI SPAGNA)

Universo and Nord Hotel (Address: CANNAREGIO 121 Lista di Spagna)

Venezia 2000 (Address: Lungomare G.d'annunzio, 2)

Venezia 2000 Hotel & Residence (Address: Lungomare G. D'Annunzio 2)

Viktoria Palace Hotel (Address: Riviera San Nicolo 50)

Villa Ada Hotel (Address: E. DANDOLO 24)

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