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Hotel Piazza Venezia Roma
Hotel Piazza Venezia Roma

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Aberdeen (Address: Via Firenze, 48)

Abitart (Address: Pellegrino Matteucci 10/20)

Abitart Hotel (Address: Via Pellegrino Matteucci 10/20)

Accademia Hotel (Address: Piazza Accademiadi San Luca 75)

Accommodation Delia (Address: via Gaeta 64)

Accommodation Delia (Address: Via Gaeta 64)

Adagio Roma Garden (Address: Viale Dell Arte 5A)

Adagio Roma Dehon (Address: Via Leone Dehon 61-63)

Adriano Hotel Rome (Address: Via di Pallacorda 2)

Alba Hotel Torre Maura (Address: Viale Di Torre Maura 81)

Albani Hotel Roma (Address: Via Adda 45)

ALBERGO ABRUZZI (Address: Piazza della Rotonda 69)

Albergo Cesari Rome (Address: Via di Pietra 89A)

Albergo del Senato Rome (Address: Piazza della Rotonda 73)

Albergo Ottocento Rome (Address: Via dei Cappucini 19)

Aldobrandeschi (Address: Via Degli Aldobrandeschi, 295)

Aldrovandi Villa Borghese (Address: Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15)

Alessandrino (Address: Via Clemente Alessandrino, 9)

Alexandra Hotel Rome (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 18)

ALL TIME Hotel Rome (Address: Via Domenico Jachino 181)

Allstar Marghera Hotel (Address: Via Marghera 29 Lazio)

Amadeus (Address: Via Gioberti, 39)

Amalia Hotel (Address: Via Germanico 66)

Ambasciatori Palace (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 62)

Ambasciatori Palace (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 62)

Ambasciatori Palace Hotel (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 62)

Ambasciatori Palace Hotel (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 62)

Ambasciatori Palace Hotel (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 62)

Ambasciatori Palace Hotel (Address: Via Veneto, 62)


Ambasciatori Palace Hotel (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 62)

American Palace Eur (Address: Laurentina N?554)

Angolo Romano (Address: Via Luigi Rizzo 47)

Aniene Roma (Address: Viale Tirreno, 74)

Anni 50 BB (Address: Via Fogliano 37)

Antica Locanda Palmieri Rome (Address: V di Grotta Perfetta 555a)

Antico Acquedotto (Address: Via Di Villa Serventi 9a)

Antico Condotti AI55 Townhouse Rome (Address: Via Delle Carrozze 42)

Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi (Address: VIA LIBERIANA, 21)


Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi Rome (Address: Via Liberana 22)

Apartment Navona (Address: via dei Banchi Vecchi 18)

Appia Park Hotel (Address: Via Appia Nuova 934)

Appiantica (Address: Roma Iro419)

Aquarium (Address: Piazza Manfredo Fanti 10)

Ara Pacis Hotel (Address: VIA VITTORIA COLONNA,11)

Aran Park Hotel (Address: Via Riccardo Forster 24)

Arcadia (Address: Via Campo Romano, 75)

Arcangelo (Address: Via Boezio, 15)

Arcione a RSH idea. (Address: Via in Arcione)

Ardeatina Park Hotel (Address: Via Vittore Ghiliani 145)

Area (Address: Via Del Forte Ostiense S/n)

Aris Garden (Address: Via Aristofane, 101)

Aris Garden Hotel (Address: VIA ARISTOFANE, 101)

Ariston (Address: Via Filippo Turati, 16)

Ariston Roma (Address: Via Filippo Turati 16)

aRoma b&b (Address: Via Palestro 49)

ARS (Address: via monte altissimo 20-24)

ARS Hotel (Address: Via Monte Altissimo 20)

Ars Hotel (Address: VIA MONTE ALTISSIMO 20-24)

Art Hotel (Address: Via Margutta, 56)

Artdeco (Address: Palestro 19)

Artemide Hotel (Address: Via Nazionale 22)

Artemide Hotel (Address: Via Nazionale 22)

Astoria Garden Hotel (Address: Via Bachelet 8 10)

Atahotel Villa Pamphili (Address: Via Della Nocetta 105)

Atahotel Villa Pamphili (Address: Via della Nocetta 105)

Atahotel Villa Pamphili (Address: Via Della Nocetta, 105)

Athena Hotel (Address: VIA E. PASQUALI, 3)

Atlante Garden Hotel (Address: Via Crescenzio 78)

Atlante Star Hotel (Address: Via G Vitelleschi 34)

Atlante Star Hotel (Address: Via G. Vitelleschi 34)

Augusta Lucilla Rome (Address: Via Massimo D Azeglio 24)

Aurelia Antica Suites and Apartments (Address: Via Aurelia Antica 425)

Aurelia Residence San Pietro (Address: Via Aurelia, 145)

Aureliano (Address: Via Aurelia, 619)

Aureliano Hotel Rome (Address: Via Aurelia 619)

Aurora Garden Hotel (Address: Via Emanuele Ciaceri 12)

B B Hotel Roma (Address: 94 Via Panisperna)

B H Hotels Fiume (Address: VIA BRESCIA 5)

B H Hotels Waldorf (Address: VIA ALCIATO, 14)

B&B Susy (Address: Via Tommaso Campanella 15 b)

B.w. Villafranca (Address: Via Villafranca, 9)

B.w.ambra Palace Hotel (Address: Via Principe Amadeo, 257)

B4 Roma Borromini (Address: Via Lisbona, 7)

B4 Roma Borromini By Boscolo (Address: Via Lisbona 7)

Babuino 181 (Address: Via del Babuino 181)

Baileys Hotel (Address: Via Flavia 39)

BandB Basilica Square (Address: Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano- 26)

Barberini (Address: Via Rasella, 3)

Barberini Hotel Rome (Address: Via Rasella 3)

Barberini Suites Bb (Address: Via Del Tritone 102)

Barcelo Aran Mantegna Hotel (Address: 130 Via Andrea Mantegna)

Barocco Hotel (Address: VIA DELLA PURIFICAZIONE 4)

Barocco Hotel (Address: Via della Purificazione 4)

Bellaroma (Address: Roma Iro417)

Berg Luxury Hotel (Address: Via Aurora 29)

Best Roma (Address: Di Porta Maggiore, 51)

BEST WESTERN Ambra Palace (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 257)

BEST WESTERN Blu Hotel Roma (Address: Largo Domenico de Dominicis 4)

BEST WESTERN Globus Hotel (Address: Viale Ippocrate, 119)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Artdeco (Address: Via Palestro 19)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Astrid (Address: Largo Antonio Sarti, 4)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Canada (Address: Via Vicenza 58,)

Best Western Hotel Giardino D'Europa (Address: Via Lucrezia Romana 95)

BEST WESTERN Hotel I Triangoli (Address: Via Ermanno Wolf Ferrari 285)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Mondial (Address: Via Torino 127,)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Piccadilly (Address: Via Magna Grecia 122)

BEST WESTERN Hotel President (Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto 173,)

Best Western Hotel President (Address: VIA EMANUELE FILIBERTO, 173)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Rivoli (Address: Via Taramelli 7)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Roma Tor Vergata (Address: Via Vico Vigano 24)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Spring House (Address: Via Mocenigo, 7)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Universo (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 5/B)

Best Western Hotel Universo (Address: VIA PRINCIPE AMEDEO 5/B)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Villafranca (Address: Via Villafranca 9)

BEST WESTERN PLUS Art Hotel Noba (Address: Via Nomentana 543)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Royal Santina (Address: Via Marsala 22)

Bettoja Atlantico (Address: Via Cavour 23)

Bettoja Massimo D Azeglio (Address: Via Cavour, 18)

Bettoja Mediterraneo Rome (Address: Via Cavour, 15)

Bettoja Nord Nuova Roma (Address: Via G. Amendola- 3)

Bianca Hotel (Address: VIA VOLTURNO, 48)

Black Hotel (Address: VIA R. SARDIELLO 18)

Black Hotel (Address: Via Sardiello, 18)

Black Hotel (Address: Via Sardiello 18)

Bled (Address: Via Santa Croce In Gerusalemme, 40)

Bled Hotel Rome (Address: Santa Croce Gerusalemme40)

Blu Hotel Roma (Address: Largo Domenico de Dominicis 4)

Blu Roma Hotel (Address: LARGO DOMENICO DE DOMINICIS 4/5)

Borromini-A Boscolo Firstclass Hotel (Address: LISBONA 7)

Boscolo Aleph (Address: Via San Basilio, 15)

Boscolo Exedra (Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 47)

Boscolo Hotel Aleph (Address: Via San Basilio 15)

Boscolo Hotel Exedra (Address: Piazza Della Republica 47)

Boscolo Palace Roma (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 70)

Boscolo Palace Roma, Autograph Collection (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 70)

Britannia (Address: Via Napoli, 64)

Britannia (Address: Via Napoli 64)

Britannia Hotel (Address: via Napoli 64)

Caesar House (Address: 310 Via Cavour)

Camelia (Address: Via Goito, 36)

Campanella3 (Address: Via Tommaso Campanella 3)

Campo De Fiori Hotel (Address: Via Del Biscione, 6)

Canova Tadolini Residenza (Address: Via del Babuino 151)

Capo D'Africa Hotel (Address: Via Capo D'Africa 54)

Caprice Hotel (Address: 38 Via Liguria)

Caravaggio (Address: Via Palermo 73)

Caravel (Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 124/c)

Cardinal St Peter (Address: 71 Via Leone Dehon)

Cardinal St. Peter (Address: Via Leone Dehon, 71)

Casafiori (Address: Roma Iro426)

Casali Papareschi Suite Apartments (Address: Via Pietro Blaserna 101)

Cassia Hotel Rome (Address: Via Cassia 1736)

Cesar Palace (Address: via Nomentana 55 (termini station))

Cesar Palace Rome (Address: Via Nomentana 55)

Champagne Palace Hotel (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 82)

C-HOTELS Fiume (Address: Via Brescia 5)

Cicerone (Address: Cicerone 55)

Cicerone Hotel (Address: 55 /C Via Cicerone)

Cilicia (Address: Via Cilicia 5/7)

Cilicia Hotel (Address: VIA CILICIA, 7)

Cinquantatre (Address: Via di San Basilio 53)

City Guest House (Address: Viale Opita Oppio 76/78)

Clarion Collection Hotel Principessa Isabella (Address: Via Sardegna, 149/151)

Colonna Palace Hotel (Address: Piazza Montecitorio 12)

Colosseum (Address: Via Sforza 10)

Colosseum Hotel Rome (Address: Via Sforza 10)

Columbia Hotel Rome (Address: Via del Viminale 15)

Comfort Hotel Bolivar (Address: Via della Cordonata, 6)

Condotti 29 Rome Suites Bb (Address: Via Condotti 29)

Condotti Palace Rome (Address: Via Della Croce 15)

Contilia (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 81)

Corot Hotel (Address: VIA MARGHERA, 16/17)

Cosmopolita Hotel (Address: Via Di S.Eufemia 5)

Courtyard Rome Central Park (Address: Via Giuseppe Moscati 7)

Cristoforo Colombo (Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 710)

Crowne Plaza ROME - ST. PETER'S (Address: VIA AURELIA ANTICA 415,P.O.BOX 9076)

Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter S Hotel Spa (Address: VIA AURELIA ANTICA, 415)

Daniela Hotel Rome (Address: Via Luzzatti 31)

Daniel's Hotel (Address: Via Frattina 107)

De Petris (Address: Via Rasella, 142)

Degli Aranci (Address: Via Barnaba Oriani,11)

Dei Borgognoni (Address: Via Del Bufalo 126)

Dei Borgognoni Hotel (Address: Via Del Bufalo 126)

Dei Congressi (Address: Shakespeare 29)

Dei Consoli Hotel (Address: Via Varrone 2D)

Dei Mellini (Address: Via Muzio Clementi 81)

Dei Mellini Hotel (Address: Via Muzio Clementi 81)

Delle Muse (Address: Via T.salvini 18)

Delle Nazioni Hotel (Address: VIA POLI 7)

Delle Province (Address: Delle Province, 103)

Delle Province Hotel Rome (Address: Viale Delle Province 103)

Diplomatic Hotel (Address: Via Vittoria Colonna 28)

Domina Hotel and Conf Campanelle (Address: Via Siderno, 37)

Domus Castrense (Address: Viale dell Universita 25)

Domus Julia (Address: Via Rasella 32)

Domus Mariae Palazzo Carpegna (Address: Via Aurelia, 481)

Domus Pacis Torre Rossa Park (Address: Via di Torre Rossa 94)

Domus Romana (Address: Via Delle Quattro Fontane 113)

Domus Sessoriana (Address: P.zza S. Croce In Gerusalemme)

Domus Victoria (Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 138)

Domus Victoria (Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 138)

Donatello Hotel (Address: VIA DI PORTA MAGGIORE 83)

Donna Camilla Savelli (Address: Via Garibaldi 27)

Donna Camilla Savelli (Address: Garibaldi 27)

Duca D'Alba Hotel (Address: Via Leonina 14)

Edera Hotel Rome (Address: Via Angelo Poliziano 75)

Eliseo (Address: Via Di Porta Pinciana, 30)

Eliseo Hotel Rome (Address: Via Di Porta Pinciana 30)

Elite Hotel (Address: 49 Via Francesco Crispi)

Embassy (Address: Via A. Salandra, 6)

Empire Palace (Address: Via Aureliana, 39)

Empire Palace Hotel (Address: Via Aureliana 39)

Empire Palace Hotel (Address: Via Aureliana, 39)

Episcopo Lipinsky B&B (Address: Via Margutta 33)

Ergife Palace Hotel (Address: Via Aurelia 619)

Ergife Palace Hotel (Address: VIA AURELIA 617/619)

Eur Suite Hotel (Address: VIA PREZZOLINI,5)

Eur Suite Hotel Rome (Address: Via dei Prezzolini 5)

Eurogarden Hotel Rome (Address: Salita Castel Giubileo197)

Europa (Address: Varese 26)

Europa Hotel (Address: VIA VARESE, 26)

Eurostars Domus Aurea (Address: Via Volturno 32)

Eurostars Hotel Saint John (Address: Via Matteo Boiardo 30)

Eurostars International Palace (Address: Via Nazionale, 46)

Eurostars International Palace (Address: Via Nazionale, 46)

Eurostars Roma Aeterna (Address: Via Casilina 125)

Eurostars Roma Aeterna (Address: Via Casilina 125)

Eurostars Roma Congress (Address: Via Prenestina 944/c)

Eurostars Roma Congress Hotel And Conference Center (Address: Via Prenestina, 944/c)

Eurostars Saint John (Address: Via Matteo Boiardo 30)

Exclusive The Kennedy Hotel (Address: Via Filippo Turati 62-64)

Exe Domus Aurea (Address: Via Volturno, 32)

Exe Domus Aurea (Address: Via Volturno, 30,32,34)

Express By Holiday Inn ROME-EAST (Address: VIA GIORGIO PERLASCA 50)

Express By Holiday Inn San Giovanni (Address: VIA ASSISI, 51/53)

Fabio Massimo Design Hotel (Address: Viale Giulio Cesare 71)

Farnesina Hotel (Address: Via Della Farnesina 23)

Fenix Hotel (Address: Via Gorizia 5)

Fiamma (Address: Via Gaeta, 61)

Fiamma Hotel Rome (Address: Via Gaeta 61)

Fiori (Address: Nazionale 163)

Flann O Brien Rooms Rome (Address: Via Nazionale 17)

Florida Hotel Rome (Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 243)

Flower Garden Hotel Rome (Address: Via del Viminale 7)

Fonte di Papa Tenuta Agricola (Address: Via di Valle Ricca 70)

Fortyseven Hotel Rome (Address: Via Luigi Petroselli 47)

Forum Hotel (Address: Via Tor DeConti 25)

Forus Inn Hotel (Address: VIA CAVOUR, 194)

FRANKLIN FEEL THE SOUND (Address: Via rodi 29)

Franklin Feel The Sounds (Address: Via Rodi, 29)

Gabriella (Address: Via Palestro 88)

Galles Hotel (Address: Le Castro Pretorio 66)

Gallia Hotel Rome (Address: Santa Maria Maggiore 143)

Gambrinus (Address: Via Piave 29/35)

Garda Hotel Rome (Address: Via Lombardia 30)

Genio (Address: Via G. Zanardelli, 28)

Genio Hotel Rome (Address: Via Zanardelli 28)

Giardino degli Aranci B&B (Address: Tullio Ascarelli 156)

Giglio Dell Opera (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 14)

Giglio Dell' Opera (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 16)

Gioberti (Address: Via Gioberti 20)

Giolli (Address: Via Nazionale N 69)

Giolli Hotel (Address: Via Nazionale 69)

Giotto Flavia Sallustio (Address: Flavia 84)

Goebels Hotel Rodenberg (Address: Heinz-Meise-Strasse 98)

Golden Tulip Ambra Palace (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 257)

Golden Tulip Bellambriana (Address: Via Luca Passi, 6)

Gran Melia Roma (Address: Via del Gianicolo, 4)

Grand Hermitage Hotel Rome (Address: Via Eugenio Vajna 12)

Grand Hotel de la Minerve (Address: Piazza della Minerva 69)

Grand Hotel de La Minerve (Address: Piazza della Minerva 69)

Grand Hotel Del Gianicolo (Address: Viale delle mura Gianicolensi)

Grand Hotel Del Gianicolo (Address: Viale delle Mura)

Grand Hotel Duca D`Este (Address: Via Tiburtina Valeria, 330 Tivoli Terme)

Grand Hotel Fleming (Address: Piazza Monteleone di Spoleto 20)

Grand Hotel Fleming (Address: Piazza Monteleone di Spoleto, 20)

Grand Hotel Fleming (Address: P.monteleone Di Spoleto,20)

Grand Hotel Palatino (Address: Via Cavour, 213/M)

Grand Hotel Palatino (Address: Via Cavour, 213/M)

Grand Hotel Palatino (Address: VIA CAVOUR, 213/M)

Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna (Address: VIA AURELIA 481)

Grand Hotel Plaza (Address: Via Del Corso 126)

Grand Hotel Ritz Rome (Address: Via Domenico Chelini 41)

Grand Hotel Tiberio (Address: Via Lattanzio 51)

Grand Hotel Tiberio (Address: VIA LATTANZIO, 51)

Grand Hotel Tiberio (Address: Via Lattanzio 51)

Grand Hotel Via Veneto (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 155)

Guest House Suite Della Vite (Address: Via Delle Vite 54)

H10 Roma Citta (Address: Pietro Blaserna 101)

H10 Roma Citta (Address: Via Pietro Blaserna/ 101)

Happy Village (Address: Via Prato Della Corte, 1915)

Hassler Roma (Address: 6 Piazza Trinita Dei Monti)

Hello Bed and Breakfast (Address: Via Firenze 11)

Hermitage (Address: Via E. Vajna, 12-18)

Hilton Garden Inn Rome Claridge (Address: Viale Liegi 62)

Hilton Rome Airport (Address: Via Arturo Ferrarin 2 Fiumicino)

HOLD ROME (Address: via principe amedeo 128)

Holiday Apartment in Rome - H5700/141C (Address: Via del Tritone 91)

Holiday Apartment in Rome - I5700/120C (Address: Vicolo delle Vacche 10)

Holiday Inn Express ROME - SAN GIOVANNI (Address: Via Assisi 51)

Holiday Inn Express Rome San Giovanni (Address: Via Assisi 53)

Holiday Inn ROME - AURELIA (Address: VIA AURELIA KM 8,400)


Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia (Address: Via Aurelia Km 8.400 Km)

Hosianum Palace Hotel (Address: Via dei Polacchi 23)

Hotel Cellini (Address: Via Modena, 5)

Hotel Lord Byron (Address: Via Giuseppe De Notaris 5)

Hotel Planet Rome (Address: Via Milazzo 3)

Hotel 2000 Roma (Address: Via delle 4 Fontane 16)

Hotel 2000 Roma (Address: Via Quattro Fontane, 16)

Hotel Abruzzi (Address: Piazza Della Rotonda, 69)

Hotel Accademia (Address: P.ZZA ACCADEMIA DI S.LUCA 75)

Hotel Adriatic (Address: via G Vitelleschi 25)

Hotel Adventure (Address: Via Palestro 86/88)

Hotel Albani Roma (Address: Via Adda 45)

Hotel Aldobrandeschi (Address: Via degli Aldobrandeschi 295)

Hotel Aleph - A Boscolo Luxury Hotel (Address: VIA SAN BASILIO, 15)

Hotel Alessandrino (Address: Via Clemente Alessandrino 9)

Hotel Alessandrino (Address: Via Clemente Alessandrino 9)

Hotel Alessandrino (Address: Via C Alessandrino 9)

Hotel Alessandrino (Address: Via C Alessandrino 9)

Hotel Alexis (Address: Via Gaeta 29)

Hotel Alpi (Address: Via Castelfidardo 84)

Hotel Altavilla (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 9)

Hotel Amadeus *** Roma (Address: Via Gioberti 39)

Hotel American Palace (Address: Via Laurentina 554)

Hotel Anagnina (Address: Via Torre Di Mezzavia 27)

Hotel Andreotti (Address: VIA CASTELFIDARDO, 55)

Hotel Andreotti (Address: Via Castelfidardo 55)

Hotel Anglo Americano (Address: Via delle 4 Fontane 12)

Hotel Aniene (Address: Viale Tirreno 74)

Hotel Antico Acquedotto (Address: Via di Villa Serventi 9, a/b/c/d)

Hotel Aphrodite Rome (Address: Via Marsala 90)

Hotel Apollo (Address: Via dei Serpenti 109)

Hotel Apollo (Address: Via dei Serpenti 109)

Hotel Area (Address: Via Del Forte Ostiense S/n)

Hotel Arenula Rome (Address: V S Maria de Calderari47)

Hotel Ariston (Address: Via Turati 16)

Hotel Art by Piazza di Spagna (Address: Via Margutta 56)

Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps (Address: Via Margutta 56,)

Hotel Art By The Spanish Steps Rome (Address: Via Margutta 56)

Hotel Artemide (Address: Via Nazionale 22)

Hotel Artis (Address: Via Roberto Fancelli, 3)

Hotel Artorius (Address: Via del Boschetto 13)

Hotel Artorius (Address: Via del Boschetto 13)

Hotel Astoria Garden (Address: Via Vittorio Bachelet 8)

Hotel Astoria Garden (Address: Via Vittorio Bachelet 8)

Hotel Athena (Address: Via Ercole Pasquali 3)

Hotel Atlante Star (Address: Via Vitelleschi, 34)

Hotel Augustus (Address: Via Piave 61)

Hotel Aurelius (Address: Via Aurelia 458)

Hotel Beldes (Address: Via degli scipioni, 239)

Hotel Bernini Bristol (Address: Piazza Barberini 23)

Hotel Bernini Bristol (Address: Piazza Barberini 23)

Hotel Best Western Giardino D Europa (Address: VIA LUCREZIA ROMANA 95)

Hotel Beverly Hills (Address: Largo Benedetto Marcello 220)

Hotel Beverly Hills (Address: L.Go B. Marcello, 220)

Hotel Bright (Address: via Prenestina 940)

Hotel Bright (Address: VIA PRENESTINA, 940)

Hotel Castellino Palio Bianco (Address: Via Cesare Battisti 133)

Hotel Center 1-2-3 (Address: via Giovanni Giolitti 433)

Hotel Centrale (Address: Via Laurina n. 34 - Centro Storico)

Hotel Centrale Roma (Address: Via Laurina 34)

Hotel Centro (Address: Via Firenze 12)

Hotel Cilicia (Address: Via Cilicia 7)

Hotel Cilicia (Address: Via Cilicia 5 7)

Hotel Cinemusic (Address: Via Tuscolana 128)

Hotel Claridge (Address: VIALE LIEGI 62)

HOTEL COLONY ROMA (Address: Via Monterosi 18)

Hotel Columbus (Address: DELLA CONCILIAZIONE 33)

Hotel Columbus (Address: Via della conciliazione 33)

Hotel Commodore (Address: Via Torino no1)

Hotel Commodore (Address: Via Torino, 1)

Hotel Commodore (Address: Via Torino, 1)

Hotel Concordia (Address: Via Di Capo Le Case, 14)

Hotel Concordia (Address: Via Di Capo Le Case 14)

Hotel Condotti (Address: Via Mario De Fiori 37)

Hotel Cosmopolita (Address: VIA SANTA EUFEMIA, 5)

Hotel D Este (Address: Via Carlo Alberto 4 B)

Hotel d Inghilterra (Address: Via Bocca di Leone 14)

Hotel Darival (Address: Via Del Casale Di San Basilio 11)

Hotel De Petris Rome (Address: Via Rasella 142)

Hotel De Rome (Address: Largo Corrado Ricci 37a)

Hotel degli Aranci (Address: Via Barnaba Oriani 11)

Hotel Degli Imperatori (Address: Via Guido Gonella 15)

Hotel dei Congressi (Address: Viale Shakespeare 29)

Hotel Della Torre Argentina (Address: CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE, 102)

Hotel Della Torre Argentina Rome (Address: Cso V Emanuele II 102)

Hotel Delle Muse (Address: Via Tommaso Salvini 18)

Hotel Delle Muse (Address: VIA TOMMASO SALVINI 18)

Hotel Delle Vittorie (Address: Via Col di Lana 24)

Hotel Des Artistes (Address: Via Villafranca 20)

Hotel Diana (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 4)

Hotel Diocleziano (Address: Via Gaeta 71)

Hotel Domus Romana (Address: Via Delle Quattro Fontane 113)

Hotel Donatello (Address: Via Di Porta Maggiore)

Hotel Donna Laura (Address: Lungotevere delle Armi 21)

Hotel Donna Laura Palace (Address: Lungotevere delle Armi 21)

Hotel Doria (Address: Via Merulana 4)

Hotel Dorica (Address: Piazza Viminale, 14)

Hotel Dorica (Address: Piazza Del Viminale 1)

Hotel Eden (Address: Via Ludovisi 49)

Hotel Eden (Address: Via Ludovisi 49)

Hotel Emmaus (Address: Via Delle Fornaci 23)

Hotel Empire Palace (Address: Via Aureliana 39)

Hotel Espana (Address: Via Luzzatti 21)

Hotel Eurogarden (Address: Salita Castel Giubileo 197)

Hotel Europa (Address: Via Varese 26)

Hotel Everest (Address: VIA Nazionale 243)

Hotel Executive (Address: Via Aniene 3)

Hotel Exedra- A Boscolo Luxury Hotel (Address: PIAZZA DELLA REPUBBLICA, 47)

Hotel Ferrari B/B (Address: Via Giuseppe Ferrari 11)

Hotel Ferrari Home (Address: Via G Ferrari 11)

Hotel Fiori (Address: Via Nazionale 163)

Hotel Fiorini (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 64A)

Hotel Fiume (Address: Via Brescia 5)

Hotel Flower Garden (Address: VIA DEL VIMINALE 7)

Hotel Fontana (Address: Piazza di Trevi 96)

Hotel Fori Imperiali Rome (Address: Via Frangipane 34)

Hotel Forte Rome (Address: Via Margutta 61a)

Hotel Fortyseven (Address: Via Luigi Petroselli 47)

Hotel Forum (Address: Via Tor Dei Conti, 25/30)

Hotel Gabriella (Address: Via Palestro, 88)

Hotel Galatea Rome (Address: Via Genova 24)

Hotel Galles Rome (Address: Viale Castro Pretorio 66)


Hotel Garda (Address: Via Lombardia 30)

Hotel Garda - Via Veneto (Address: Via Lombardia 30)

Hotel Genova (Address: VIA CAVOUR 25)

Hotel GF-Sallustio (Address: Via Flavia 84)

Hotel Giada (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 9)

Hotel Giardino d Europa (Address: Via Lucrezia Romana 95)

Hotel Giardino D'europa (Address: Via Lucrezia Romana 95)

Hotel Gioberti (Address: Via Gioberti 20)

Hotel Gioberti (Address: Via Gioberti 20)

Hotel Giolli Rome (Address: Via Nazionale 69)

Hotel Giorgi (Address: VIA MAGENTA, 11/13)

Hotel Giorgi (Address: Via Magenta 11-13)

Hotel Giotto (Address: Via Cardinal Passionei 35)

Hotel Giubileo (Address: Via Carlo Alberto 13)

Hotel Giubileo (Address: Via Carlo Alberto 13)

Hotel Giulio Cesare (Address: Via Degli Scipioni 287)

Hotel Grifo (Address: Via Del Boschetto 144)

Hotel Hermitage (Address: Via Vajna 12)

Hotel Homs (Address: Via della Vite 71 72)

Hotel Homs (Address: Via Della Vite 71/72)

Hotel Igea (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 97)

Hotel Imperiale (Address: Via Veneto 24)

Hotel Imperiale (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 24)

Hotel Impero (Address: VIA DEL VIMINALE, 19)

Hotel Isa (Address: Via Cicerone 39)

Hotel Isa (Address: Via Cicerone 39)

Hotel Jonico (Address: Via Silicella 41)

Hotel Julia (Address: Via Rasella 29)

Hotel King (Address: Via Sistina 131)

Hotel La Fenice (Address: Via Francesco Crispi 15)

Hotel La Fenice (Address: Via Francesco Crispi 15)

Hotel La Griffe (Address: Via Nazionale 13)

Hotel La Pergola Rome (Address: Via dei Prati Fiscali 55)

Hotel Laurence (Address: Via Pietro Baragiola 18 2)

Hotel Le Petit (Address: Via San Martino 20)

Hotel Leon's Place (Address: Via Xx Settembre 90-94)

Hotel Les Chambres D'Or (Address: via Dei Gracchi, 25)

Hotel Lilium (Address: Via Venti Settembre 58A)

Hotel Locanda Senatorum (Address: Via Dei Sediari,8 II floor)

Hotel Londra and Cargill (Address: 18,Piazza Sallustio)

Hotel Ludovisi Palace (Address: Via Ludovisi 43)

Hotel Madison (Address: Via Marsala 60)

Hotel Madison (Address: Via Marsala, 60)

Hotel Majestic Roma (Address: Via Veneto 50)

Hotel Mamiani (Address: Via Mamiani 28)

Hotel Mamiani Rome (Address: Via Mamiani 28)

Hotel Manfredi Suite in Rome (Address: Via Margutta 61)

Hotel Marc' Aurelio (Address: Via Gregorio XI, 141)

Hotel Marc'Aurelio (Address: Via Gregorio XI 141)

Hotel Marghera (Address: via Marghera 29)

Hotel Mascagni (Address: Via V.E. Orlando, 90)

Hotel Massimo (Address: Via Palestro 35)

Hotel Mayfair Residence (Address: 183 Via Sicilia)

Hotel Medici (Address: Via Flavia 96)

Hotel Meeting (Address: Via Pier Vittoria Aldini, 38/a)

Hotel Mercure Piazza Bologna (Address: VIA REGGIO CALABRIA, 54)

Hotel Metro Roma (Address: Via di Rebibbia 18)

Hotel Miami (Address: Via Nazionale, 230)

Hotel Milani (Address: VIA MAGENTA 12)

Hotel Milton Roma (Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto 155)

Hotel Milton Roma (Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto 155)

Hotel Montecarlo Roma (Address: Via Palestro 17a)

Hotel Montecitorio (Address: Via delle Convertite 5)

Hotel Napoleon (Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 105)

Hotel Nazionale (Address: Piazza Montecitorio, 131)

Hotel Nizza (Address: Via Massimo D Azeglio 16)

Hotel Novotel Roma La Rustica (Address: VIA ANDREA NOALE, 291)

Hotel Opera Roma (Address: Via Firenze 11)

Hotel Orange (Address: Via Crescenzio 86)

Hotel Orazia (Address: Via Buonarroti 51)

Hotel Osimar (Address: Via Felice Grossi Gondi 87)

Hotel Oxford (Address: Via Boncompagni 89)

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi (Address: Via Labicana 125)

Hotel Palladium Palace (Address: Via Gioberti North 36)

Hotel Palladium Palace (Address: Via Gioberti 36)

Hotel Panama Garden (Address: Via Salaria, 336)

Hotel Panama Garden (Address: 336 Via Salaria)

Hotel Pantheon (Address: Via dei Pastini N 131)

Hotel Paris (Address: Via Firenze 57)

Hotel Parker (Address: Via G Giolitti 431)

Hotel Piazza Venezia Roma (Address: Via Cesare Battisti 133)

Hotel Piemonte (Address: Via Vicenza 34)

Hotel Pincio (Address: Via Capo Le Case 50)

Hotel Piranesi Palazzo Nainer (Address: Via Del Babuino 196)

Hotel Pisana Palace (Address: Via della Pisana 374)

Hotel Porta Pia (Address: Via Messina 25)

Hotel Porta Pia (Address: Via Messina 25)

Hotel Portafortuna (Address: Via Carlo Alberto 31)

Hotel Primus Roma (Address: Via Giovanni da Empoli 11)

Hotel Princess (Address: Via Andrea Ferrara 33)

Hotel Principe Di Piemonte (Address: Via Giovanni Giolitti 449)

Hotel Principe Di Piemonte (Address: VIA GIOVANNI GIOLITTI Ni??449)

Hotel Priscilla (Address: Via Calabria 17)

Hotel Pulitzer Roma (Address: Viale Marconi 905)

Hotel Pulitzer Roma (Address: Viale G. Marconi, 905)

Hotel Pulitzer Roma (Address: Viale Marconi 905)

HOTEL Quadrifoglio (Address: Via di Valleranello 12)

Hotel Quirinale (Address: Via Nazionale 7)

Hotel Quisisana (Address: Via F. Turati 45)

Hotel Raffaello (Address: Via Urbana, 3/5)

Hotel Raganelli (Address: Via Aurelia 734-738)

Hotel Ranieri (Address: Via Venti Settembre 43)

Hotel Raphael (Address: Largo Febo)

Hotel Relais Castello della Castelluccia (Address: Via Carlo Cavina, 40)

Hotel Repubblica (Address: Via Nazionale 251)

Hotel Residence Barberini Rome (Address: Via Delle 4 Fontane 171)

Hotel Residence Mallia Rome (Address: Via Damiano Chiesa 8)

Hotel Residenza Farnese Rome (Address: Via Del Mascherone 59)

Hotel Rex (Address: Via Torino 149)

Hotel Rex (Address: Via Torino 149)

Hotel Rimini (Address: VIA MARGHERA, 17)

Hotel Rinascimento (Address: Via Del Pelegrino, 122)

Hotel Romae (Address: Via Palestro 49)

Hotel Romance (Address: Via Marco Aurelio, 37 A)

Hotel Romanico Palace (Address: Via Boncompagni North 37)

Hotel Royal Court (Address: Via Marghera, 51)

Hotel Royal Santina (Address: VIA MARSALA, 22)

Hotel San Carlo Rome (Address: Via delle Carrozze 93)

Hotel San Giusto (Address: Piazza Bologna 58)

HOTEL SAN MARCO (Address: Via Villafranca 1)

Hotel Santa Costanza (Address: Viale XXIV Aprile 4)

Hotel Santa Costanza (Address: VIALE XXI APRILE 4)

Hotel Santa Prisca (Address: Largo Manlio Gelsomini 25)

Hotel Scott House Rome (Address: Via Gioberti 30)

Hotel Select Rome (Address: Via Vittorio Bachelet 6)

Hotel Selene (Address: Via del Viminale 8)

Hotel Selva Candida Rome (Address: Via di Selva Candida 200)

Hotel Serena Rome (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 64)

Hotel Sisto V (Address: Via Lardaria 10)

Hotel Sisto V (Address: via Lardaria 10)

Hotel Soggiorno Comfort (Address: Via Palermo, 37)

Hotel Sole al Pantheon (Address: Piazza della Rotonda 63)

Hotel Solis (Address: Via Cavour 311)

Hotel Sonya (Address: Via Del Viminale 58)

Hotel Sonya (Address: Via del Viminale 58)

Hotel Splendide Royal (Address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 14)

Hotel Splendide Royal (Address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 14)

Hotel Splendide Royal (Address: Via Di Porta Pinciana 14)

Hotel Stendhal (Address: Via Del Tritone 113)

Hotel Stromboli (Address: Via Marsala, 34)

Hotel Stromboli (Address: Via Marsala 34)

Hotel Texas 7 Hills Rome (Address: Via Firenze 47)

Hotel The Opera (Address: via Nazionale 36)

Hotel Tiziano (Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuel II 110)

Hotel Torino (Address: Via Principe Amedeo n 8)

Hotel Trevi (Address: Vicolo del Babuccio 20)

Hotel Trevi (Address: Vicolo del Babuccio 20)

Hotel Trevi Collection (Address: Via Gregoriana 56)

Hotel Trilussa Palace (Address: Piazza Ippolito Nievo, 27)

Hotel Valle (Address: VIA CAVOUR, 134)

Hotel Valle (Address: via Cavour 134)

Hotel Veneto Palace (Address: Via Piemonte 63)

Hotel Verona Rome (Address: Via Santa Maria Maggiore, 154)

Hotel Versailles (Address: Corso d Italia 92)

Hotel Victor (Address: Via Annia Regilla 60)

Hotel Victor (Address: VIA ANIA REGILLA 60)

Hotel Victoria Roma (Address: Via Campania 41)

Hotel Villa del Parco (Address: Via Nomentana 110)

Hotel Villa Glori (Address: Viale del Vignola 28)

Hotel Villa Grazioli (Address: via Salaria,241)

Hotel Villa Margherita (Address: Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 147)

Hotel Villa Maria Regina (Address: Via della Camilluccia, 687)

Hotel Villa Morgagni (Address: Via G.B. Morgagni, 25)

Hotel Villa Morgagni (Address: Via Giovanni Battista)

Hotel Villa Morgagni (Address: Via G B Morgagni 25)

Hotel Villa Patrizi (Address: Via di Villa Patrizi 20)

Hotel Villa Rosa (Address: Via Giovanni Prati 1)

Hotel Virgilio (Address: Via Palermo 30)

Hotel Virgilio (Address: Via Palermo 30)

Hotel Virgilio (Address: Via Palermo 30)

Hotel White (Address: VIA ARCIONE 77)

Hotel Zara (Address: Via delle Quattro Fontane 37)

I Giardini del Quirinale (Address: Via Firenze 43)

I Triangoli Hotel (Address: VIA ERMANNO WOLFF FERRARI 285)

ibis Roma Fiera (Address: Via Arturo Mercanti 63)

Ibis Tor Vergata Roma (Address: Via Duilio Cambellotti)

Ibis Torvergata Hotel (Address: VIA VICO VIGANi?? 24 -ANG.V.LE CAMBELLOTTI)

Idea Hotel Roma Cinecitta (Address: Via Torre di Mezzavia 25)

Idea Hotel Roma Nomentana (Address: Via Attilio Benigni 7)

Idea Hotel Roma San Pietro (Address: Via Della Pisana 374)

Idea Hotel Roma Z3 (Address: Via Amos Zanibelli snc)

Idea Hotel Roma Z3 (Address: Via Zanibelli, S/n)

Idea Roma Nomentana (Address: Via Begnini, 7)

Idea Rome Est (Address: Via Giorgio Perlasca 50)

Igea (Address: Via Prncipe Amedeo 97)

Il Gattopardo Relais Rome (Address: Viale Giulio Cesare 94)

Imperiale (Address: Via Veneto, 24)

Impero Hotel Rome (Address: Via del Viminale 19)

Inn and View at Spanish Steps (Address: Via Dei Condotti 85)

Inn at the Roman Forum, The (Address: Via degli Ibernesi 30)

Inn At The Spanish Steps (Address: 85 Via Dei Condotti)

Inn At The Spanish Steps (Address: Via Dei Condotti 85)

InterContinental DE LA VILLE ROMA (Address: VIA SISTINA 69)

Internazionale Domus (Address: Piazza di Spagna 20 3rd Floor)

Intown Luxury House (Address: Via Bocca di Leone- 7)

Invictus (Address: Via Quintino Sella 15)

Iq Hotel Roma (Address: Via Firenze 8)

Jumeirah Grand Via Veneto (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 155)

Kaire Hotel (Address: Via Maffeo Vegio, 18)

Kennedy (Address: Via Filippo Turati 62-64)

Kennedy Hotel (Address: Via Filippo Turati 64)

Kent (Address: Via Reggio Emilia,71)

King Hotel (Address: VIA SISTINA 131)

Kolbe Hotel Rome (Address: Via di San Teodoro 48)

La Casa di Rosy (Address: 10, Via Napoleone III)

La Fenice Hotel (Address: VIA FRANCESCO CRISPI,15)

La Griffe Classic Rome Hotel Europa (Address: 26 Via Varese)

La Griffe Hotel (Address: Via Nazionale 13)

La Griffe Hotel (Address: VIA NAZIONALE, 13)

La Residenza (Address: Via Emillia, 22-24)

Laurence (Address: Via Pietro Baragiola, 18/24)

Le Petit Hotel (Address: Via Torino 122A)

Le stanze di Federica (Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 28)

Le Terrazze Di Strindberg (Address: Largo Strindberg 43)

Leon's Place (Address: Via Xx Settembre 90-94)

Leons Place Hotel Rome (Address: Via XX Settembre 90 94)

Locanda Cairoli Hotel Rome (Address: Benedetto Cairoli 2)

Locanda Del Fante (Address: Piave 61)

Locarno Hotel Rome (Address: Via della Penna 22)

Ludovisi Palace (Address: Via Ludovisi 43)

Lungotevere Suite (Address: Lungotevere degli Artigiani 20)

Majestic (Address: Via Veneto 50)

Marcella Royal (Address: Via Flavia, 106)

Marcella Royal (Address: Via Flavia, 106)

Marcella Royal Hotel (Address: Via Flavia 106)

Marco e Laura Bed and Breakfas (Address: Via Aurelia 232)

Marriott Grand Hotel Flora (Address: Vittorio Veneto, 191)

Marsala Hotel (Address: Via Marsala 36)

Mascagni (Address: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 90)

Matisse Properties (Address: 243C Via Nazionale)

Mecenate Palace Hotel (Address: Via Carlo Alberto 3)

Meeting Hotel Rome (Address: Pier Vittorio Aldini A38)

MELIA ROMA AURELIA ANTICA (Address: Via Degli Aldobrandeschi, 223)

Melia Roma Aurelia Antica Hotel (Address: Via Degli Aldobrandeschi 223)

Memphis Hotel (Address: VIA DEGLI AVIGNONESI 36)

Mercure Corso Trieste Hotel (Address: VIA GRADISCA 29)

Mercure Roma Centro Colosseo (Address: Via Labicana 144)

Mercure Roma Corso Trieste (Address: Via Gradisca 29)

Mercure Roma Piazza Bologna (Address: Via Reggio Calabria 54)

Mercure Roma West (Address: Viale Eroi di Cefalonia 301)

Metropolis Hotel Rome (Address: Viale delle Milizie 26)

Minotel Corot (Address: Viale Marghera 15/17)

Moevenpick Hotel Central Park (Address: Via G. Moscati, 7)

Morgana (Address: Via Filippo Turati, 33-37)

Morgana Hotel (Address: Via Filippo Turati 31-37)

Morgana Panama Garden (Address: 336 Via Salaria)

Morgane Residences (Address: Via Filippo Turati 29 31)

Moses Fountain Hotel Rome (Address: Via 20 Settembre 98L)

Mozart Hotel Rome (Address: Via dei Greci 23b)

Napoleon Hotel (Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele)

Navona Palace Residenze (Address: Via della Pace 36)

Nazionale Hotel & Conference Center (Address: Piazza Montecitorio, 131)

Nerva Hotel Rome (Address: Via Tor de Conti 3)

New Hotel Anglo Americano (Address: Via Delle Quattro Fontane, 12)

NH Giustiniano (Address: Via Virgilio, 1 E/F/G)

Nh Jolly Midas Hotel (Address: VIA AURELIA, 800)

Nh Jolly Villa Carpegna Hotel (Address: VIA PIO IV, 6)

NH Leonardo da Vinci (Address: Via dei Gracchi 324)

NH Midas (Address: Via Aurelia 800)

NH Villa Carpegna (Address: Via Pio IV, 6)

NH Vittorio Veneto (Address: Corso Italia 1)

Nizza (Address: Massimo D Azeglio 16)

Nizza Hotel (Address: MASSIMO D AZEGLIO 6)

Novecento (Address: Via Carlo Emanuele I, 12)

Novotel Roma La Rustica (Address: Via Andrea Noale 291)

Nuovo Hotel Quattro Fontane (Address: VIA QUATTRO FONTANE, 149 A)

Nuovo Hotel Quattro Fontane (Address: Via 4 Fontane 149/A)

Old Town Apartments (Address: via Firenze 43)

Oly Hotel (Address: Via Santuario)

Op Hotel (Address: Viale Oceano Pacifico, 165)

Orange Hotel (Address: Via Crescenzio, 86)

Orange Hotel (Address: Via Crescenzio, 86)

Osimar Hotel (Address: Via Felice Grossi Gondi 87)

Oxford Hotel Rome (Address: Via Boncompagni 89)

Pace Helvezia (Address: Via Iv Novembre, 104)

Pace Helvezia Hotel Rome (Address: Via Quattro Novembre 104)

Pacific (Address: Viale Medaglie D)

Palace - A Boscolo First Class Hotel-Btw (Address: Via Veneto, 70)

Palazzo Cardinal Cesi (Address: Via Della Conciliazione 51)

Palazzo Montemartini (Address: Largo Montemartini 20)

Palline a RSH idea. (Address: Vicolo delle Palline)

Pantheon (Address: Roma Iro429)

Pantheon Royal Suite (Address: Piazza Della Rotonda 7)

Papavista Relais (Address: Via Tunisi 3)

Papillo Hotel Roma (Address: Via Arola 53)

Papillo Hotel Roma (Address: Via Arola 53)

Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel And Spa (Address: Via G. Frescobaldi, 5)

Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel and Spa (Address: Via G. Frescobaldi 5)

Park Hotel Dei Massimi (Address: LARGO V. AMBROSIO 9)

Park Hotel Dei Massimi (Address: Largo V. Ambrosio N 9)


Petra Hotel And Residence (Address: Via Santevandi, 124)

Philia (Address: Via Palestro 88)

Piazza Di Spagna (Address: Via Mario de Fiori 61)

Picasso (Address: Via Venezia, 25)

Pineta Palace (Address: Via San Lino Papa 35)

Pinewood Hotel Rome (Address: Via Della Pineta Sacchetti 43)

Pisana Hotel (Address: Via Baldassarre Longhena 10)

Polo Hotel Rome (Address: Pza Bartolomeo Gastaldi 4)

Pomponio (Address: Roma Iro406)

Ponte Sisto Hotel (Address: VIA DEI PETTINARI 64)

Portrait Suites (Address: Via Bocca di Leone 23)

Portrait Suites (Address: Via Bocca Di Leone 23)

Portrait Suites (Address: Via Bocca Di Leone 23)

Prime Hotel Principe Torlonia (Address: Via Carlo Fea 5)

Prime Hotel Roma Cassia (Address: via Barbarano Romano 19)

Prime Hotel St John (Address: Via Matteo Boiardo 30)

Prime Hotel Villa Torlonia (Address: Via Bartolomeo Eustachio)

Primus Roma (Address: Via Giovanni Da Empoli, 11-13)

Prince Galles (Address: Via Palestro, 72)

Priscilla Hotel (Address: 17 Via Calabria)

Pulitzer Hotel (Address: VIALE GUGLIELMO MARCONI, 905)

Quality Hotel Excel Roma Ciampino (Address: Via Appia Nuova, 160 Frattocchie, Marino)

Quality Hotel Nova Domus (Address: Via G. Savonarola 38)

Quattro Fontane (Address: Via Quattro Fontane,149/a)

Quisisana (Address: Via Filippo Turati)

Quisisana Hotel (Address: Via Filippo Turati N 45)

Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome (Address: Via Filippo Turati 171)

Radisson Sas Es Hotel (Address: VIA FILIPPO TURATI, 171)

Raffaello Hotel (Address: Via Urbana 3)

Raganelli Hotel (Address: Via Aurelia 734 738)

Re di Roma Hotel Rome (Address: Via Vercelli 21)

Re Testa (Address: Via Beniamino Franklin)

Re Testa Hotel Rome (Address: Via Beniamino Franklin 4)

Regent (Address: Via Civinini, 46)

Regina Baglioni (Address: Via Veneto, 72)

Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome (Address: Via Veneto 72)

Regno Hotel Rome (Address: Via del Corso 330)

Relais Fontana Di Trevi (Address: Via Del Lavatore 44)

Relais Fontana di Trevi Rome (Address: Via del Lavatore 44)

Relais Group Apartment Spanish Steps (Address: Vicolo Torretta 55)

Relais Le Clarisse (Address: Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 20)

Relais Ottocento Rome (Address: Via Lucullo 11)

Relais Pierret (Address: Piazza di Spagna, 20)



Residence At (Address: Piazza Barberini 2)

Residence Candia (Address: Via Candia 135)

Residence Centro Benigni (Address: Via Attilio Benigni 100)

Residence Hotel Mallia (Address: Via Damiano Chiesa 8)

Residence il Bollo Rome (Address: Vicolo del Bollo 4)

Residence St Joannes (Address: Via Appia Nuova 37)

Residence Vatican Suites (Address: Via Nicolo V n.5)

Residenza A Rome (Address: Via V Veneto 183)

Residenza Di Ripetta (Address: Via Di Ripetta 231)

Residenza di Ripetta (Address: Via di Ripetta 231)

Residenza Domizia (Address: Via Dei Coronari 14)

Residenza Frattina (Address: Via Frattina 104)

Residenza In Farnese Hotel (Address: Via Del Mascherone 59)

Residenza Paolo VI (Address: Via Paolo VI 29)

Residenza Santa Maria (Address: Via Dell'Arco di San Calisto,20)

ResidenzaRomaCentro (Address: Via lucullo 11)

Rex Hotel (Address: VIA TORINO 149)

Richmond Hotel Rome (Address: Largo Corrado Ricci 36)

Rimini (Address: Via Marghera 17)

Ripa Hotel (Address: Via Degli Orti Di Trastevere 3)

Ritz (Address: Via Chelini 41)

River Chateau Hotel (Address: Via Flaminia 520)

River Palace (Address: Via Flaminia, 33)

River Palace Hotel (Address: Via Flaminia 33)

River Palace Hotel (Address: Via Flaminia 33)

ROCCO FORTE HOTEL DE RUSSIE (Address: Via del Babuino, 9)

Roma Boutique Hotel Rome (Address: Via Toscana 1)

Roma Cassia (Address: Via Barbarazo Romano, 19)

ROMA DEI PAPI HOTEL DE CHARME (Address: Piazza Adriana 5 Gate B)

Roma Dreaming (Address: Via Di Monte Del Gallo, 62)

Roma Park (Address: Via Della Caffarelletta, 114)

Roma Park Hotel (Address: Via della Caffarelletta 114)

Roman Holidays (Address: Via Bu Meliana 12)

Romantic Nest in Rome (Address: Via Alfani 8)

Romantic Vatican Rome B&B (Address: Viale Bastioni di Michelangelo 5/a)

Rome Cavalieri Hilton (Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101)

Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels - Resorts (Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101)

Rome Central Suites (Address: Via Bocca di leone 25)

Rome Garden Hotel (Address: Viale Nomentana, 28)

Rome Garden Hotel (Address: Via Nomentana, 28)

Rome Lodge (Address: Via Senorbi, 89/b)

Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 191)

Rome Marriott Park Hotel (Address: via Colonnello Tommaso Masala, 54)

Romulus (Address: Via Salaria 1069)

Romulus Hotel (Address: Via Salaria 1069)

Rose Garden Palace (Address: Via Boncompagni 19)

Rose Garden Palace (Address: Via Boncompagni 19)

Rose Garden Palace Hotel (Address: VIA BONCOMPAGNI 19)

Royal Court Hotel (Address: 51 Via Marghera)

Saint Paul (Address: Via Vito Volterra, 43)

Saint Paul (Address: Via Vito Volterra 43)

San Giusto (Address: Piazza Bologna, 58)

San Giusto Hotel Rome (Address: Piazza Bologna 58)

San Remo Hotel (Address: VIA MASSIMO D AZEGLIO, 36)

Santa Chiara Hotel Rome (Address: Via Santa Chiara 21)

Santa Costanza (Address: Viale XXI Aprile 4)

Santa Costanza (Address: Viale Xxi Aprile,4)

Savoy Hotel (Address: Via Ludovisi 15)

Scheppers Hotel (Address: Via Bogliasco, 36)

Scheppers Hotel (Address: VIA BOGLIASCO 36)

Serendipity Residence (Address: Viale Castro Pretorio 25)

Seven Kings Relais (Address: via 20 settembre, 58a)

Shangri La Corsetti Rome (Address: Viale Algeria 141)

Sheraton Golf Parco de' Medici Hotel & Resort, Roma (Address: Viale Salvatore Rebecchini, 39)

Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center (Address: Viale del Pattinaggio, 100)

Sistina Hotel Rome (Address: Via Sistina 136)

Siviglia Hotel Rome (Address: Via Gaeta 12)

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese (Address: Via Lombardia 47)

Solis (Address: Cavour, 311)

Spanish Steps Apartment (Address: Via Del Babuino)

Splendide Royal (Address: VIA DI PORTA PINCIANA 14)

Splendide Royal (Address: Via Di Porta Pinciana 14)

St. George Roma (Address: Via Giulia 62)

St. Moritz (Address: Via Nazionale 51)

Starhotel Michelangelo (Address: VIA DELLA STAZIONE DI SAN PIETRO 14)

Starhotels Metropole (Address: Via Principe Amadeo,3)

Starhotels Metropole (Address: Via Principe Amedeo, 3)

Starhotels Michelangelo (Address: Via Stazione di S. Pietro, 14)

Starhotels Michelangelo (Address: Via Stazione Di S.pietro,14)

Stylish Room (Address: Lombardia 30)

Stylish Room Hotel (Address: Via Lombardia 30 B)

Sunrise (Address: Via Cliento 3)

Sunrise Hotel (Address: Via Cilento 3)

Tamara s Suites Band B (Address: Piazza San Cosimato 40)

Target Inn Hotel (Address: VIA MODENA, 5)

Tempio Di Pallade (Address: Via Giolitti 425-427)

Terminal (Address: Via Principe Amdeo 103)

The Church Palace (Address: Via Aurelia 481)

The Duke Hotel (Address: Via Archimede 69)

The Duke Hotel (Address: Via Archimede 69)

THE FIRST Luxury Art Hotel Rome (Address: Via del Vantaggio 14)

The Inn At The Roman Forum (Address: Via Degli Ibernesi, 30)

The St. Regis Rome (Address: Via Vittorio E. Orlando, 3)

The Strand (Address: Via Tuscolana 892)

The View at the Spanish Steps (Address: Via dei Condotti, 85/91)

The Westin Excelsior, Rome (Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 125)

The Yes Hotel (Address: Via Magenta, 15)

Thomas (Address: Roma Iro441)

Tirreno (Address: Via San Martino Al Monti, 17)

Tirreno Hotel (Address: Via San Martino Ai Monti NO17)

Tiziano (Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele Ii, 110)

Tiziano Hotel (Address: 110 Vittorio Emanuele II)

To be deleted - Hotel Del Cors (Address: Via del Corso 79)

TO BE DELETED Petra Hotel (Address: Via Sante Vandi 124)

Torino (Address: Via Principe Amedeo, 8)

Torino Hotel Rome (Address: Via Principe Amedeo 8)

Torre Rossa Park Hotel (Address: VIA TORRE ROSSA 94)

Tourist House Rome (Address: Via Circonvallazione Ostiense 212)

Trevi (Address: Vicolo Del Babuccio 20/21)

Trevi Collection Hotel (Address: Via Gregoriana, 56)

Trevi Hotel (Address: VICOLO DEL BABUCCIO 20-21)

Trevi Palace (Address: Via del Lavatore 30)

Trianon Borgo Pio (Address: Piazza Delle Vaschette 13)

Trilussa Palace Hotel (Address: Piazza Ippolito Nievo 27)

Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress And Spa (Address: Piazza Ipolito Nievo 25-27)

Tritone Hotel (Address: VIA DEL TRITONE, 210)

Tritone Hotel (Address: 210 Via Del Tritone)

Turati a RSH idea. (Address: Via Turati)

Turner hotel (Address: Via nomentana 29)

Twenty One Hotel (Address: Via Cola Di Rienzo 23)

UNA Hotel Roma (Address: Via Giovanni Amendola 57)

Una Roma (Address: Via G Amendola 59)

Valadier Hotel (Address: Via Della Fontanella 15)

VATICAN CITY B&B AND APARTMENT (Address: via degli scipioni 135)

Vatican Garden Inn (Address: Via Germanico, 201)

Vatican Holiday (Address: Via Andrea Doria 36)

Vatican Vacation B&B (Address: Via Caracciolo 6)

Veio Park Hotel Rome (Address: Via Cassia 1171 G)

Venetia Palace Hotel (Address: Via Marghera 47 A)

Victoria Hotel Roma (Address: Via Campania 41)

Victoria Roma (Address: Via Campania, 41)

Victoria Roma (Address: Via Campania 41)

Villa Delle Rose Hotel (Address: VIA VICENZA 5)

Villa delle Rose Hotel (Address: Via Vicenza 5)

Villa Florence (Address: via Nomentana 28)

Villa Glori (Address: Viale del Vignola 28)

Villa Glori (Address: Viale Del Vignola, 28)

Villa Patrizi (Address: via di Villa Patrizi,20)

Villa Pinciana Rome (Address: Via Abruzzi 11)

Villa Spalletti Trivelli (Address: Via Piacenza, 4)

Viminale (Address: Via Cesare Balbo, 31)

Viminale Hotel (Address: Via Cesare Balbo 31)

Viminale Hotel Rome (Address: Via Cesare Balbo 31)

Visconti Palace Hotel Roma (Address: Via Federico Cesi 37)

Waldorf (Address: Via Andrea Alciato 14)

Welcome Hotel e Residences (Address: Via Giovanni Amendola 7)

Welcome Piram Hotel (Address: Via Giovanni Amendola, 7)

White Hotel (Address: Via In Arcione 77)

Windrose Hotel Rome (Address: Via Gaeta 39)

WRH Suites (Address: Via Daniele Manin 69)

WRH Termini (Address: Via Milazzo 23)

WRH Trastevere (Address: Via di San Crisogono 40)

Xx Settembre (Address: Via Del Macao 6)

Zone Hotel (Address: Via Alfredo Fusco,118)

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