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Courtyard Munich City East
Courtyard Munich City East

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Browse Munich hotels list from A to Z to find your accommodation

Leonardo Munchen City Center (Address: Senefelder Str 4)

A&O Hotel Muenchen Hackerbruecke (Address: Arnulfstrasse 102)

A&O Hotel Muenchen Hauptbahnhof (Address: Bayerstrasse 75)

ACHAT Premium Hotel Muenchen Sued (Address: Perchtinger Strasse 3)

Acom Hotel Muenchen Haar (Address: Muenchener Strasse 33)

Adagio Muenchen City / Open May 2011 (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 61)

Admiral Hotel (Address: Kohlstrasse 9)

Admiral Hotel (Address: Kohlstrasse 9)

Advokat Hotel (Address: Baaderstrasse 1)

Advokat Hotel (Address: Baaderstrasse 1)

Alfa City Centre Munich (Address: Hirtenstrasse 22)

Alfa City-centre (Address: Hirtenstreet, 22)

Ambassador Parkhotel Munich (Address: Plinganserstrasse 102)

Ambiance Rivoli (Address: Albert Rosshaupterstrasse 22)

Ambiance Rivoli Hotel (Address: Albert RoBhaupterstr 22)

Ambient Hotel Colina (Address: Marie Luise Fleisser Bogen 14)

Amenity Arirang Munich (Address: Passauerstrasse 28)

An Der Oper (Address: Falkenturmstr 10)

Angelo Designhotel Munich (Address: Leuchtenbergring 20)

Angelo Hotel Munich Westpark (Address: Albert-Rosshaupter-Strasse 41)

Anna Hotel (Address: Schuetzenstrasse 1)

Atlas City (Address: Paul Heysestrasse 18)

Atlas City Hotel (Address: Paul Heyse Strasse 18)

Atlas Residence Munich (Address: Schwanthaler Strasse 63)

Aurbacher (Address: Aurbachstrasse 5)

AZIMUT Hotel Muenchen City Ost (Address: Kronstadter Strasse 6 8)

Bayerischer Hof (Address: Promenadeplatz 2-6)

Bayerischer Hof Hotel (Address: Promenadeplatz 2-6)

BEST WESTERN ApartHotel Muenchen (Address: Dachauer Strasse 199)

BEST WESTERN Atrium Hotel (Address: Landwehrstrasse 59)

BEST WESTERN Grand City Hotel Muenchen Neufahrn (Address: Dietersheimer Strasse 58)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Cristal (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 36)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Koenig Ludwig (Address: Hohenzollernstrasse 3)

Brunnenhof City Center Hotel Munich (Address: Schillerstrasse 36)

Carat Hotel and Apartments (Address: Lindwurmstrasse 13)

Carat Hotel Munich (Address: Lindwurmstrasse 13)

Carmen (Address: Hansastrasse, 146-148)

Central Germania Hotel (Address: Senefelder Str 1)

Central-Hotel Apart Muenchen (Address: Josephsburger Str.26)

Citadines Arnulfpark Mi??nchen (Address: Arnulfstrasse 51)

City Hotel Superior (Address: Schillerstrasse 3a)

City Partner Hotel Adria (Address: Liebigstrasse 8A)

City Partner Hotel Adria (Address: Liebigstrasse 8a)

City Partner Hotel Alarun (Address: Weihenstephaner Str. 2 Unterschleissheim Muenchen)

Comfort Hotel (Address: KRONSTADTER STRASSE 12)

Comfort Hotel Am Medienpark (Address: BAHNHOF STRASSE 15)

Comfort Hotel Andi Munich City Center (Address: Landwehrstrasse 33)

Comfort Hotel Muenchen Ost (Address: Kronstadter Strasse 12)

Concept Living Munich (Address: Pfaelzer Wald Str 2)

Conrad Hotel De Ville (Address: SCHILLER STRASSE 10)

Cortiina Hotel (Address: Ledererstrasse 8)

Cosmopolitan Hotel (Address: Hohenzollernstrasse 5)

Courtyard Munich City Center (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 37)

Courtyard Munich City East (Address: Orleansstrasse 81-83)

Creatif Hotel Elephant (Address: Laemmerstrasse 6)

DERAG HOTEL AND LIVING Hotel Max Emanuel Munich (Address: Rablstrasse 10)

Derag Hotel Karl Theodor Munich (Address: Paschstrasse 46)

Derag Hotel Max Emanuel Munich (Address: Rablstrasse 10)

Derag Livinghotel Campo dei Fiori (Address: Utzschneiderstrasse 3)

Derag Livinghotel Karl Theodor (Address: Paschstrasse 46)

Derag Livinghotel Prinzessin Elisabeth (Address: Geyerstrasse 52)

Deutsches Theater Hotel (Address: Landwehrstr 18)

East Park B&B (Address: Heinrich-Wieland-Str 75)

Econtel Hotel Muenchen (Address: Bodenseestrasse 227)

Eden Hotel Wolff (Address: Arnulfstrasse 4)

Erzgiesserei Europe (Address: Erzgiessereistrasse, 15)

Eurostars Grand Central (Address: Arnulfstrasse 35)

Eurostars Grand Central (Address: Arnulfstrasse 35)

Eurostars Regent (Address: Seidlstrasse,2)

Excelsior Hotel Munich (Address: Schuetzenstrasse 11)

Exquisit Hotel (Address: Pettenkoferstrasse 3)

Feringapark (Address: Feringastrasse 6)

Fleming's Hotel Munchen-City (Address: Bayerstrasse 47)

Flemings's Hotel Munchen Schwabing (Address: Leopoldstrasse 130-132)

Four Points by Sheraton Munich Central (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 111)

Four Points by Sheraton Munich Olympiapark (Address: Helene-Mayer-Ring 12)

Frederics Serviced Apartments (Address: Dantestrasse 18)

Frederics Serviced Apartments (Address: Hohenzollernplatz 7)

GHOTEL hotel & living Muenchen-City (Address: Landwehrstrasse 77)

GHOTEL hotel & living Muenchen-Nymphenburg (Address: Leonrodstrasse 11)

GHOTEL hotel & living Muenchen-Zentrum (Address: Baaderstrasse 88 - 90)

Goethe Hotel Munich (Address: Goethe Strasse 18)

Goethe Hotel Munich (Address: Goethestrasse 18)

Golden Leaf Hotel Altmunchen (Address: Mariahilf Platz 4)

Golden Leaf Hotel Perlach Allee Hof (Address: Therese Giehse Allee 76)

Golden Leaf Parkhotel Im Lehel (Address: Unsoldstrasse 10)

Golden Tulip Olymp (Address: Wielandstrasse 3)

Helvetia Munich City Center (Address: Schiller Strasse 6)

Herzog Hotel (Address: Hi??belstrasse, 9)

Herzog Wilhelm (Address: Herzog Wilhelm Strasse 23)

Herzog Wilhelm Hotel (Address: Herzog Wilhelm Strasse 23)

Holiday Inn MUNICH (Address: EFFNER STRASSE 99)




Hotel Am Moosfeld (Address: Am Moosfeld 31-41)

Hotel Am Nockherberg (Address: Nockherstrasse 38a)

Hotel am Viktualienmarkt (Address: Utzschneiderstrasse 14)

Hotel Amalienburg Muenchen (Address: Amalienburgstr 24 26)

Hotel Amenity (Address: Passauer Strasse 28)

Hotel Andra (Address: Goethestrasse 38)

Hotel Antares (Address: Amalienstrasse 20)

Hotel Atlas (Address: Landwehrstrasse 65)

Hotel Atlas City (Address: Paul Heyse Strasse 18)

Hotel Atlas City (Address: Paul Heyse Strasse 18)

Hotel Atlas Residence (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 63)

Hotel Bavaria (Address: Gollierstrasse 9)

Hotel Belle Blue (Address: Schillerstr. 21)

Hotel Blutenburg Munich (Address: Verdistrasse 130)

Hotel Brecherspitze Munich (Address: St Martin Strasse 38)

Hotel Carlton (Address: Fuerstenstrasse 12)

Hotel Carmen (Address: Hansastrasse 146)

Hotel Cocoon (Address: Lindwurm Strasse 35)

Hotel Daheim (Address: Schillerstr 20)

Hotel Daniel (Address: Sonnenstrasse 5)

Hotel Deutsches Theater in Munich (Address: Landwehrstrasse 18)

Hotel Drei Loewen (Address: Schillerstrasse 8)

Hotel Drei Loewen (Address: Schillerstrasse 8)

Hotel Eckelmann (Address: Adolf Kilping Strasse 11)

Hotel Eckelmann (Address: Adolf Kolping Strasse 11)

Hotel Europa - Munich (Address: Dachauer Strasse 115)

Hotel Europe Senator (Address: Martin-Greif-Strasse 11)

Hotel Falkenturm Munich (Address: Falkenturmstrasse 3)

Hotel Gaestehaus Forum am Westkreuz Munich (Address: Friedrichshafener Strasse 17)

Hotel Galleria (Address: Plinganserstrasse 142)

Hotel Gasthof zur Post Munich (Address: Bodenseestrasse 4 A)

Hotel Germania GmbH Munich (Address: Schwanthalerstr 28)

Hotel Gruenwald (Address: Altostrasse 38)

Hotel Hauser (Address: Schellingstrasse 11)

Hotel Herzog (Address: Haeberlstrasse 9)

Hotel Insel Muehle (Address: Von Kahr Strasse 87)

Hotel Isartor (Address: Baaderstr. 2 4)

Hotel Isartor Munich (Address: Baaderstrasse 2)

Hotel Italia (Address: Schillerstrasse 19)

Hotel K K Am Harras (Address: ROSSHAUPTER-STR. 4)

Hotel Koenigshof (Address: Karlsplatz 25)

Hotel Koenigstein (Address: Frankfurter Ring 28-30)

Hotel Koenigstein (Address: Frankfurter Ring 28-30)

Hotel Konigswache (Address: Steinheilstrasse 7)

Hotel Kraft (Address: Schillerstrasse 49)

Hotel Kraft (Address: Schillerstrasse 49)

Hotel Kriemhild (Address: Guntherstrasse 16)

Hotel Krone (Address: Theresienhoehe 8)

Hotel Kurpfalz (Address: SCHWANTHALERSTRASSE 121)

Hotel Luise Muenchen (Address: Luise Kiesselbach Platz 32)

Hotel Max (Address: Amalienstrasse 12)

Hotel Maximilian (Address: Hochbrueckenstrasse 18)

Hotel Mayerhof Muenchen (Address: Dachauerstrasse 421)

Hotel Meier City Muenchen (Address: Schuetzenstrasse 12)

Hotel Metropol Munich (Address: Mittererstrasse 7)

Hotel Mirabell (Address: Landwehrstrasse 42)

Hotel Montree Munich (Address: Dachauerstr 91)

Hotel Munchen Palace (Address: Trogerstrasse 21)

Hotel Munich Inn (Address: Goethestrasse 15)

Hotel Nymphenburg Munchen (Address: Nymphenburger Strasse 141)

Hotel Parsberg Munich-Puchheim (Address: Augsburgerstr 1)

Hotel Perlach (Address: Pfanzeltplatz 11)

Hotel Praesident (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 20)

Hotel Preysing (Address: Stubenvollstrasse 2)

Hotel Prinz (Address: Hochstrasse 45)

Hotel Prinzregent am Friedensengel Munich (Address: Ismaninger Strasse 42)

Hotel Prinzregent An Der Messe (Address: Riemer Strasse 350)

Hotel Prinzregent an der Messe Munich (Address: Riemer Strasse 350)

Hotel Regent (Address: SEIDLSTRASSE, 2)

Hotel Rivoli (Address: Albert RoBhaupterstr 18)

Hotel Royal (Address: Schillerstrasse 11 A)

Hotel Savoy (Address: Amalienstrasse 25)

Hotel Schlicker Zum Goldenen Loewen (Address: Tal 8)

Hotel Schlicker Zum Goldenen Loewen Munich (Address: Tal 8)

Hotel Schweiz (Address: Goethe Strasse 26)

Hotel Schweiz (Address: Goethe Strasse 26)

Hotel Seibel (Address: Theresienhohe 9)

Hotel Senator (Address: MARTIN-GREIF-STRASSE 11)

Hotel Splendid - Dollmann (Address: Thierschstrasse 49)

Hotel Stachus (Address: Bayerstrasse 7)

Hotel Stadt Rosenheim (Address: Orleansplatz 6a)

Hotel Torbraeu (Address: Tal 41)

Hotel Vitalis (Address: Kathi-Kobus-Strasse 22)

Hotel Wasserburg Munich (Address: Wasserburger Landstr 145)

Hotel Wetterstein (Address: Gruenwalder Strasse 16)

Hotel Wetterstein Munich (Address: Gruenwalder Strasse 16)

Hotelissimo Haberstock (Address: Schillerstrasse 4)

Hotelissimo Haberstock Swiss Q (Address: Schillerstrasse 4)

HOtello F22 (Address: Fallmerayerstrasse 22)

HOtello H09 (Address: Hohenzollernstrasse 9)

Huber (Address: Kirchfeldstr 8)

ibis Muenchen City (Address: Dachauer Strasse 21)

ibis Muenchen City Nord (Address: Ungererstrasse 139)

ibis Muenchen City West (Address: Westendstrasse 181)

ibis Muenchen Parkstadt Schwabing (Address: Lyonel Feininger Strasse 20)

ibis Muenchen Sud ( Opening June 2012 ) (Address: Tegernseer Landstrasse 143)

Innside M Parkstadt Schwabing (Address: Mies-Van-Der-Rohe-Strasse 10)

Innside Muenchen Neue Messe (Address: Humboldtstrasse 12)

InterCityHotel Muenchen (Address: Bayerstrasse 10)

Jedermann (Address: Bayerstrasse, 95)

K+k Am Harras (Address: Albert-rosshaupter-str, 4)

Kempinski Hotel Airport Muenchen (Address: Terminalstr. Mitte 20)

Kings Hotel Center (Address: MARSSTRASSE 15)

Kings Hotel First Class (Address: DACHAUER STRASSE 13)

KK HOTEL AM HARRAS MUNICH (Address: Albert-Rosshaupter-Str. 4)

Krone Hotel (Address: Theresienhoehe 8)

Krone Hotel Munich (Address: Theresienhoehe 8)

Kurpfalz (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse, 121)

Landhotel Martinshof (Address: Martin-empl-ring 6)

Landhotel Martinshof Munich-Riem (Address: Martin-Empl-Ring 8)

Le Meridien Munich (Address: Bayerstrasse 41)

Leonardo Boutique Hotel Munich (Address: Amalienstrasse 25)

Leonardo Hotel & Residenz Munchen (Address: Heimgartenstrasse 14)

Leonardo Hotel and Residenz Munich (Address: Heimgartenstrasse 14)

Leonardo Htl Munchen City West (Address: Brudermuhlstrasse 33)

Leonardo Htl Munchen City West (Address: Brudermuhlstrasse 33)

Leonardo Munchen City Center (Address: Senefelder Str 4)

Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich (Address: Moosacher Strasse 90)

LetoMotel (Address: 5 Bunzlauer Strasse)

Louis Hotel (Address: Viktualienmarkt 6)

Louis Hotel (Address: Viktualienmarkt 6)

Mandarin Oriental, Munich (Address: Neuturmstrasse 1)

Maritim Hotel (Address: Goethestrasse 7)

Max Hotel Muenchen (Address: Amalienstrasse 12)

Mayerhof Hotel (Address: Dachauer Strasse 421)

Mercure Hotel Muenchen Altstadt (Address: Hotterstr. 4)

Mercure Hotel Muenchen City Center (Address: Senefelder Str. 9)

Mercure Hotel Muenchen Schwabing (Address: Leopoldstr. 120)

Mercure Hotel Munchen am Olympiapark (Address: Leonrodstrasse 79)

Mercure Hotel Munchen Neuperlach Sud (Address: Rudolf-Vogel-Bogen 3)

Mercure Hotel ORBIS Mi??nchen Si??d (Address: Karl-Marx-Ring 87)

Mirabell Hotel (Address: Landwehrstrasse 42)

Motel One Muenchen-City-Ost (Address: Orleansstrasse 87)

Motel One Muenchen-City-West (Address: Landsberger Strasse 79)

Motel One Muenchen-Sendl. Tor (Address: Herzog Wilhelm Strasse 28)

MUNICH CITY HILTON (Address: Rosenheimer Strasse 15)

Munich Marriott Hotel (Address: Berliner Strasse 93)

MUNICH PARK HOTEL (Address: Am Tucherpark 7)

NH Muenchen am Ring (Address: Ottobrunner Strasse 17-19)

NH Muenchen Deutscher Kaiser (Address: Arnulfstr. 2)

NH Muenchen Neue Messe (Address: Eggenfeldener Strasse 100)

Novotel Muenchen Airport (Address: Nordallee 29)

Novotel Muenchen City (Address: Hochstrasse 11)

Novotel Muenchen Messe (Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 1)

Opera Hotel (Address: St Anna Strasse 10)

Park Hotel Laim (Address: Zschokkestr. 55)

Park Inn By Radisson Munich (Address: Frankfurter Ring 20-22)

Park Inn By Radisson Munich-East (Address: Musenbergstrasse 25 - 27)

Parkhotel Theresienhoehe (Address: Parkstrasse 31a)

Parkhotel Theresienhoehe (Address: Parkstrasse 31a)

Platzl Hotel (Address: Sparkassenstrasse 10)

Prinzregent Am Friedensengel (Address: Ismaninger Strasse 42-44)

Pullman Munich (Address: Theodor Dombart Strasse 4)

Rabe Hotel (Address: RABLSTRASSE 12)

Regent (Address: Seidlstrasse, 2)

Residence Inn Munich City East (Address: Orleansstrasse 81-83)

Rilano 24/7 Hotel Muenchen (Address: Domagkstr. 26)

Rilano 24/7 Hotel Munchen City (Address: Schillerstr. 17)

ROCCO FORTE THE CHARLES HOTEL (Address: Sophienstrasse 28)

Schiller5 Hotel Boardinghouse (Address: Schillerstrasse 5)

Schweiz Hotel (Address: Goethestrasse 26)

Seibel's Park Hotel (Address: Maria-Eich-Strasse 32)

Senator (Address: Martin Grief Strasse,11)

Sheraton Arabellapark (Address: ARABELLASTRASSE 5)

Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel (Address: ArabellaStrasse 5)

Sheraton Munich Westpark Hotel (Address: Garmischer Strasse 2)

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost (Address: Bayerstrasse 12)

St Paul (Address: St Paul, 7)

Stadthotel Asam Munich (Address: Josephspitalstrasse 3)

Star Inn Hotel Munchen (Address: Domagkstrasse 11)

Stay2Munich Hotel & Serviced Apartments (Address: Zusestrasse 1)

StayMunich Serviced Apartments (Address: Ottobrunner Strasse 90-92)

Suite Novotel Muenchen Parkstadt Schwabing (Address: Lyonel Feininger Strasse 22)

The Garden House (Address: Halfinger Str 47)

The Westin Grand ( Ex Arabella Grand ) (Address: ARABELLASTR. 6)

The Westin Grand Munich (Address: Arabellastrasse 6)

TOP CONRAD-Hotel de Ville Munich (Address: Schillerstrasse 10)

TOP Hotel Erzgiesserei Europe Munich (Address: Erzgiessereistrasse 15)

TOP Hotel Senator Munich (Address: Martin-Greif-Strasse 11)

Treff Hotel Muenchen City Center (Address: Schillerstrasse 28)

Tryp Muenchen Hotel (Address: Paul-Heyse-Strasse 24)

Tulip Inn Concorde Munich (Address: Herrnstrasse 38)

Vi Vadi Hotel (Address: Marsstrasse 6-10)

Vi Vadi Hotel (Address: Marsstrasse 6-10)

Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski (Address: Maximilianstrasse 17)

WALLIS (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 8)

Westend Hotel (Address: Schwanthalerstrasse 121)

Winters Hotel Muenchen Am Hauptbahnhof (Address: Arnulfstrasse 12)

Worldhotel The Rilano Muenchen (Address: Domagkstr 26)

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