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Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong
Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong

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Browse Beijing hotels list from A to Z to find your accommodation

5 Star Shanxi Grand Hotel (Address: Yangqiao West Road)

Airport Business Hotel (Address: 1 Daokou Beijing Capital International Airport)

Airport Express Hotel (Address: No 22 Tianzhu East Road)

Airport Xinyue Business Hotel (Address: 42 Gangshan Road)

Aloft Beijing, Haidian (Address: Tower 2 No. 25 Yuanda Road)

Anisun Grand Hotel (Address: Heping West Street)

Ao Ya Hotel Beijing (Address: 169 Bei Yuan Road)

Ariva Beijing West Zhongguancun (Address: 36Haidian Nanlu Haidian Dist)

Art Palace Beijing Huandao Boya Hotel (Address: No.2 West St Wanshou Rd Haidian Di)

Ascott Beijing (Address: No 108B Jian Guo Road)

Ascott Raffles City Beijing (Address: No 1 2 Dongzhimen South)

Ashar Hotel Beijing (Address: 130 Chaonei St)

Asia Hotel (Address: 8 Xinzhong Xijie)

Asia Pacific Garden Hotel Beijing (Address: No.75 West Yuqiao Road,Tongzhou District)

Asia Pacific Garden Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.75, west Yuqiao Road, Tongzhou Area)

Asia Pacific Hotel (Address: 8 Yabao Road)

Ausotel Dayu Beijing (Address: No 99 Jingshun Road)

Avic Hotel Beijing (Address: 10 Dongsanhuan Rd Chaoyang)

Avic Hotel Beijing (Address: No.10B,Central Road,East 3rd Ring road,Chaoya)

B and Binn Olympic Village (Address: No.5- Minzu Yuan Road)

Baolinxuan International Hotel (Address: No 80 South Road of West)

Beijing Blue Sky Hotel (Address: Konggang Industrial Zone)

Beijing Business Hotel (Address: No. 1, Yulinli)

Beijing CCECC Plaza (Address: No. 6 Beifengwo, Haidian Area)

Beijing CCECC Plaza (Address: No.6 Beifengwo Road,Haidian District)

Beijing Central Garden Hotel (Address: 18 Gaoliangqiaoxiejie)

Beijing Century Towers (Address: No.18 Guangqumenwai Avenue, Chaoyang Distric)

Beijing Chengyuan Plaza (Address: No.19, Jianhua South Road Jianguomenwai Street)

Beijing Commercial Business Hotel (Address: Building 1, Yu Lin Li, You An Men Wai)

Beijing Continental Grand Hotel (Address: No.8 Beichen Road E Chaoyang Area)

Beijing Continental Grand Hotel (Address: No.8,Beichen Road*E*,Chaoyang Area)

Beijing Courtel (Address: No 8 Courtyard Andingmen West Street)

Beijing Dong Chang'an Hotel (Address: No.10A, Jianguomen Street,Chaoyang)

Beijing Dong Fang Hotel (Address: 11 Wanming Rd)

Beijing Dongfang Hotel (Address: 11 Wanming Road)

Beijing Friendship Hotel (Address: 1 Zhongguancun South St Beijing)

Beijing Friendship Hotel (Address: NO.1, South Avenue,Haidian Area)

Beijing Fuyuan Garden Business Hotel (Address: No.1 Fuyuan men Summer Palace Rd East)

Beijing Golden Palace Silver Street Hotel (Address: 31 GanYu Bystreet, WangFuJing Ave,Dongcheng Area)

Beijing Golden Palace Silver Street Hotel (Address: 31 Ganyu Alley Wangfujing Street)

Beijing goldsun hotel (Address: No 57 Anwai Avenue)

Beijing Great Hotel (Address: No 1 Zuojia Village)

Beijing Great Hotel (Address: 1 Zuo Jia Zhuang Chao Yang)

Beijing Great Hotel (Address: No 1 Zuojia Village)

Beijing Hainan Hotel (Address: No.188 Andingmenwai Avenue,Dongcheng District)

Beijing He Ping Li Hotel (Address: No.16 Building,North Hepingli Street)

Beijing Hepingli Hotel (Address: No 16 Hepingli NorthStreet)

Beijing Hepingli Hotel (Address: No 16 Hepingli North Street)

Beijing Hotel (Address: No 33)

Beijing Huaqiao Hotel (Address: No.5 The Third Avenue Bei Xin Qiao , Dongcheng)

Beijing Huiyuan International Service Apartment (Address: NO.8, Andingmenwai anli Road)

Beijing Hutong Inn (Zaoyuanju Hotel) (Address: 17 Zhangwang Hutong Jiugu Lou Dajie Dongcheng District)

Beijing HWA Hotel (Address: 130 Xidan Beidajie)

Beijing HWA Hotel (Address: No.130 North Xidan Avenue, West City District)

Beijing International Convention Hotel (Address: 12 Yumin Rd Chaoyang Area)

Beijing International Hotel (Address: 9 Jianguomennei Avenue)

Beijing Intl Htl HMCC Diamond (Address: 31 Zhongguancun Street)

Beijing J&R Hotel (Address: No 214 Building)

Beijing Jialong Sunny Hotel (Address: 75 Chaonei Street)

Beijing Jing Lin Hotel (Address: No 1B Nanpingdongli)

Beijing Jingang Airport Hotel (Address: 19 Jingshun Road)

Beijing JinJiang FuYuan Hotel (Address: 11 Ronghua Rd)

Beijing Jinqiao International Garden (Address: No 55 Menbeili Guangqu Road)

Beijing Kingsintel Commercial Hotel (Address: No. 15 Fangcaodi St(W), Chaoyang District)

Beijing Longqiang Hotel (Address: A1 Anyuanli, Andingmeiwai, Chaoyang District)

Beijing Longwue Hotel (Address: No 1 Waiyuan lane)

Beijing Longwue Hotel (Address: No 1 Waiyuan lane)

Beijing Longxi Hotspring Resort Hotel (Address: No. 8, Shunjing Road)

Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall (Address: 7 Jian Guo Men South Avenue, Dongcheng District)

Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast (Address: 26A Xiao Yun Road, Chaoyang District)

Beijing Meihua Century International Apartment (Address: No.15 South Jianwai Jianhua Rd)

Beijing Meihua Century International Apartment (Address: No.15,South Jianwai Jianhua Road)

Beijing Millennium Palace (Address: No 18 Jianwai Street)

Beijing Minzu Hotel (Address: No 51 Fuxingmennei St)

Beijing Minzu Hotel (Address: No 51 Fuxingmennei St)

Beijing Mobile Soho Hotel (Address: 98 Dong San Huan Nan Lu Chaoyang District)

Beijing Nan Hang Hotel (Address: No.10 Mid Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District)

Beijing North Garden Hotel (Address: NO.218-1,Wangfujing Avenue,Dongcheng Area)

Beijing Olympic Park Boutique Hotel (Address: Beiqijia)

BeiJing Ordos Hotel (Address: 18 Jinbao Street)

Beijing Oriental Culture Hotel (Address: No 101 Jiao Dao Kou East St)

Beijing Oriental Culture Hotel (Address: No.101..Jiao Dao Kou East Street)

Beijing Pei Xin Hotel (Address: A 5 Pei Xin Lu Chong Wen District)

Beijing Perfect Inn Boutique Hotel (Address: 281 Gulou Dong Dajie)

Beijing Plaza Hotel (Address: No.100, Sanhuan Road South)

Beijing Railway Mansion (Address: No.102, Beifengwo Road)

Beijing Rainbow Hotel (Address: 11Xijing Rd Xuanwu District)

Beijing Rishengchang Hotel (Address: 8 Youanmenwal Street)

Beijing Rising Harbor Quick Hotel (Address: 12 Pingxi Street International Airport)

Beijing Ritan International Hotel (Address: 17 Ritan North Rd Chaoyang District)

Beijing River View Hotel (Address: No 2 Dongzhimen external St)

Beijing Sardony Hotel (Address: NO.9, Minzuyuan Road)

Beijing Sentury Apartment Hotel (Address: No.6 West Nanxinyuan Road)

Beijing Sheng Hao Super 8 Hotel (Address: No.35 Ya Zi Qiao Road)

Beijing Sports Inn (Address: East Gate Beijing worker stadium)

Beijing Sports Inn (Address: East Gate Beijing worker stadium)

Beijing Sunworld Hotel (Address: No.88, Deng Shikou Avenue, Dongchen Area)

Beijing Tibet Hotel (Address: No.118, Beisihuan Road)

Beijing Tibet Hotel (Address: 118 East Road North)

Beijing Travelerinn He Ping Li Hotel (Address: 12 East Hepingli Street Dong Cheng District)

Beijing Xi Jiao Hotel (Address: 18 Wang Zhuang Road)

Beijing Xinhai Jinjiang Hotel (Address: 61 Jin Bao St Dongcheng District)

Beijing Xinyuan Hotel (Address: NO.6,Haidian District)

Beijing Xinyuan Hotel (Address: 6 Shifangyuan Haidian District)

Beijing Xinze Hotel (Address: No. 24, Yongding Road)

Beijing yang qiao hotel (Address: No 88 Majiapu Road)

Beijing Yanshan Hotel (Address: No.38, Zhongguancun Street)

Beijing Yanshan Hotel (Address: No.A38 Zhong Guan Cun Street,Hai Dian Distric)

Beijing Yongxing Garden Hotel (Address: No 101 Fucheng Road)

Beijing Yu Yang Hotel (Address: No.18, Xinyuanxili, Chaoyang Area)

Beijing Yuan Fang Hotel (Address: No.22 ,Guangximenbeili)

Beijing Yuanjia Apartment (Address: No40 Dongzhong street)

Beijing Zhonghang Airport Hotel (Address: 1 Xianghuaqi Jiayuan)

Bejing Landmark Hotel (Address: 8 North Dongshuan Rd,Chaoyang)

BEST WESTERN Grandsky Hotel Beijing (Address: A District Konggang Tianzhu Shunyi District)

BEST WESTERN OL Stadium Hotel Beijing (Address: NO. 1 Datun Road)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Royal Phoenix Beijing (Address: No. 17 Qianliang Lane)

Boutique Beijing Fortune Land Hotel (Address: 38 Baiziwan Road Chaoyang Dist)

Boya Homey Hotel (Address: 1 Lizezhong 1 Road)

Boya International Hotel (Address: 2 West Street Wanshou Road)

Boya International Hotel HMCC Diamond (Address: No 2 Wanshou Road)

Business Center Hotel (Address: 7 Dongdamochang Street)

C Kong International Hotel (Address: 130 Shifoying Dongli)

Capital Airport Hotel (Address: Beijing Capital Airport Road)

Capital Airport Transfer Hotel Terminal 3 (Address: Capital International Airport T3 Terminal E)

Capital Hotel (Address: 3 Qianmen East Street)

Celebrity International Grand Hotel (Address: 99 Anli Road Asian Games Village)

Century Towers Beijing (Address: No. 18, Guangqumenwai Street)

Chang An Grand Hotel (Address: 27 Hua Wei Li)

Changbaishan International Hotel Beijing (Address: 25 Anyuan Beili Beijing China)

Changfeng Garden Hotel (Address: 6 Songzhuang Road)

Changping Business Hotel (Address: 16 Chaoqian Road)

CHATEAU DE LUZE*Beijing H.Q.Ritz Hotel (Address: 8A Guanghua Road Chao Yang District, Beijing)

Cheng Yuan Hotel Beijing (Address: No.19 South Jianhua Road,Jian Guo Men Wai Str)

Chengyuan Business Hotel (Address: 19 South Jianhua Road)

China Gate Airport Commercial Hotel (Address: 1 Tianzhu Dong Road)

China Gate Hotel (Address: 2 Peace Road)

China National Convention Center Grand Hotel (Address: Building No 1 Court 8 Beichen West Road)

China Southern Sky Pearl Express Hotel CBD (Address: 10 East Third Ring Road)

China World Hotel Beijing (Address: No 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue)

China World SummitW (Address: 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue)

Chinese Red Cross Hotel (Address: No 53 Ganmian Bystreet)

Chinese Red Cross Hotel (Address: No 53 Ganmian Bystreet)

Chongwenmen Business Hotel (Address: 2 Xi Dajie Chongwenmen)

Chongwenmen Hotel Beijing (Address: 2 West Ave)

Chongwenmen Hotel Beijing (Address: No.2 West Street, Chongwenmen Road,Chongwen D)

CiCi Friendship Hotel Beijing (Address: No. 109,Xidan Street)

CITIC Hotel Beijing Airport (Address: Xiao Tianzhu Nan Rd)

City Home Hotel-HMCC Diamond (Address: No 89 Jianguo Road-Chaoyang District)

City Hotel Beijing (Address: No 4 Gong Ti Dong Lu)

Citycourt Hotel (Address: 3 Bei An Li)

Citycourt Traditional Hotel (Address: 14 Liulisi Hutong)

Comfort Inn & Suites (Address: No. 6 Gong Ti Bei Lu Chao Yang District)

Comfort Suites Yayuncun (Address: 302 Hui Zhong Bei Li Chao Yang District)

Courtyard 7 (Address: 7 Qiangulou Alley)

Courtyard Beijing Northeast (Address: 101 Jing Shun Road, Chaoyang District)








Crystal Intl Hotel (Address: No 26 Jiuxianqiao Rd)

CSN Grand Hotel (Address: No10 East Third Ring Road)

Cts Plaza Hotel Beijing (Address: Chaoyang District Beijing)

Cui Ming Garden Hotel (Address: Dong Hua Men Street)

Cui ming zhuang hotel beijing (Address: No.1 Nanheyan Street)

Cui ming zhuang hotel beijing (Address: No.1 Nanheyan Street)

Dafang International Hotel (Address: South Square of Beijing West Railway Station)

Days Hotel Beijing New Exhibition Center (Address: 13 Tianzhu Fuqian Ave)

Days Inn Business Place Yinfeng Beijing (Address: 6 Caihong Road)

Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing (Address: 1 Nanwanzi Bystreet)

Days Inn Joiest Beijing (Address: 14 E Ave Zhushikou Dongdajie)

Days lnn Business Place Longwan Beijing (Address: Longwan Villas, Yu Yuan Road)

DeBao Hotel Beijing (Address: 22 Debaoxinyuan)

Diaoyutai Grand Hotel (Address: No.49,Sanlihe Road,Haidian District)

Diaoyutai Hotel (Address: No.49..Sanlihe Road..Haidian District)

Diaoyutai Villa Huatian Hotel (Address: No.8, the middle road of west)

Dongdan Yindi Business Hotel Wangfujing (Address: 343 Dongsi North Street)

Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Wangfujing (Address: 23A Dongjiao Minxiang)

Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel (Address: 37 Dongsisitiao)

DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing (Address: 168 Guang An Men Wai Ave Xi Cheng)

DoubleTree by Hilton Huaqiao Kunshan (Address: 2 Zhao Feng Road Huaqiao CBD)

Dream Castle Hotel (Address: 26 Anzhen Road)

E House Zpark Hotel (Address: Inter ZPARK)

Eastern Air Business Hotel Capital Airport (Address: 1 Xiao Tian Zhu Road)

Eastern International Hotel (Address: 308 Wangjing Lizedongyuan)

Ego Department and Hotel (Address: Room 106, Building 1, Yard 1, Huangmuzhuang Road)

Empark Grand Beijing (Address: 69, Banjing Road, Haidian district)

Exhibition Centre Hotel (Address: 135 Xizhimen Wai St)

Exhibition Centre Hotel (Address: 135 Xizhimen Wai St)

Fairmont Beijing (Address: 8 Yong An Dong Li)

Famous International Hotel (Address: 2 A Sanqingdi)

Fangyuansiji Airport Hotel (Address: 4 Middle of Tianzhu Street)

Feitian Grand Hotel (Address: 5 Guangqumenwai Nan Street)

Financial International Street Hotel (Address: 1 Jinchengfang Street)

Financial International Street Hotel-HMCC Diamond (Address: 1 Jinchengfang Street)

Foreign Experts Hotel (Address: 8 Huayanbeili Beisihuan Middle Road)

Forest and Land Hotel Beijing (Address: No 26,Qian guai bang HuTong,ChaoNei da Jie,Do)

Fortune-Land International Hotel (Address: No.38,Baizi Wan Road Chaoyang District)

Fortuneland International Hotel CBD (Address: 38 CBD Baiziwan Road)

Four Points by Sheraton Beijing, Haidian Hotel and Serviced Apartments (Address: Tower 1, 25 Yuanda Road)

Four Season Club Hotel (Address: 6 Sijixinghe Road)

Fragrant Hill Hotel (Address: Fragrant Hill Park Haidian District)

Fraser Residence CBD East Beijing (Address: No 58 Dongsihuanzhonglu)

Fraser Suites CBD (Address: 12 Jing Tong Xi Road)

Fraternal cooperation intelnational hotel (Address: No 9 East area Sun Star City Mercury Garden)

Fu Jian Hotel (Address: 11 Building 3 Block Anzhenxili)

Fuhao Hotel (Address: No 45 Wangfujin Street)

Fuhao Hotel Downtown (Address: No 45 WangFuJing Str Dong)

Fuhao Hotel Downtown Wangfujing (Address: 45 WangFuJing Street)

Fujian Hotel Beijing (Address: No.11 Anzhen Xili Sanqu)

Fulton Hotel (Address: No58 South road of the East Third ring road)

Furamaxpress Business Hotel (Address: No 68 N 4th Ring West Rd)

Furamaxpress Hotel Beijing (Address: No.68,North 4th Ring West Road, Haidian Dist)

Fuxue Hotel Beijing (Address: A1 Fuxue Alley, North Dongsi Street, Dongchen)

Fuyuan Garden Hotel HMCC Gold (Address: A No 1 Fuyuan Gate)

FX Hotel Beijing Airport (Address: 17 Tianzhu Village Tianzhu Town)

FX Hotel YanSha (Address: 39 Maizidian Street)

G Boutique Hotel (Address: Jia Number 7th Gong Ti West Street)

Garden Hotel Beijing (Address: No.35 Haidian Street,Haidian District)

Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing (Address: 19 Gulouwaidajie)

Gold Route International Airport Hotel (Address: 6 Fuqianer Street)

Golden Palace International Hotel Wangfujing (Address: 31 Ganyu Hutong Wangfujing Street)

Golden Phoenix Airport Hotel (Address: 27 Litian Road Guomen Industrial Area)

Golden Sun Commercial Hotel (Address: 85 Xi Bian Men Nei Dajie)

Gongxiao Business Hotel (Address: 28 Guandong Dian)

Grace Hotel Beijing (Address: Jiuxianqiao Lu 2 Hao Yuan 798 Yishu Qu)

Grand Gongda Jianguo Hotel (Address: 100 Pingleyuan St)

Grand Hyatt Beijing (Address: 1 East Chang An Ave)

Grand Mercure Beijing Central (Address: 6 Xuanwumen Nei Avenue)

Grand Metropark Yuantong (Address: 30 Plaza Ping An Li Xi Da Jie)

Grand Millennium Beijing (Address: Fortune Plaza Dong San)

Grand Skylight Catic Hotel (Address: 18 Beijing East Road)

Grand View Garden Hotel (Address: 88 Nan Cai Yuan Street)

Green Lake Business Hotel (Address: 37 Huguang Zone)

Green Park Airport Hotel (Address: 6 Jia Tianzhu Zhong Street)

GT Starwing Hotel CBD Area (Address: 19th Jian Hua South Road)

Guangming Business Hotel (Address: 42 Liangmaqiao Road)

Gui Du Hotel (Address: 217 Guanganmennei Street)

Guizhou Mansion Business Hotel (Address: 18 Yinghua West Street)

Guo Lin Hotel Beijing (Address: No.24 Building 7 area Hepingli Road,Dongcheng)

Guo Tong Business Hotel (Address: 6 Jia South Road West 3rd Ring Road)

Guo Tong Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.6A West Sanhuan Road (South), Fengtai Dist)

Guodian Reception Center Hotel (Address: 88 West Third Ring Middle Road)

Guohong Grand Hotel (Address: A 11 North of Muxidi Road)

Guoxin Garden Hotel (Address: 5 Xing Long Street)

GuoYi International Hotel Xizhimen (Address: 1 Wenxing Dong Street)

Hai Ba Intl Hotel HMCC Gold (Address: No 6 Xinghua Rd Hepingli)

Hainan Business Hotel (Address: 188 Anding Men Wai Avenue)

Hang An Airport Express Hotel (Address: Building 5 Yinghua Garden)

Hangan Hotel (Address: 3rd District Beijing Capital Airpor)

Hans Royal Garden Htl Beijing (Address: 7 Beibingmasi Hutong,Dongcheng)

Hanzhou International Business Hotel (Address: 28 Dongzhimen Exterior Street)

Harbor Hotel Beijing (Address: 136 Xisihuan Road)

Harbor Hotel Beijing (Address: 136 Xisihuan Road)

Harmony Hotel Beijing (Address: No.59 Suzhou Bystreet, Youtong Street, Dongc)

Harmony Hotel Beijing (Address: 9 Youtong Street)

He Nan International Hotel (Address: 28 Huawei Li)

Hilton Beijing Capital Airport (Address: Term 3 Beijing Capital Intl Airport)

Hilton Beijing hotel (Address: 1 Dong Fang Rd North Dongsanhuan Rd)

Hilton Wangfujing (Address: 8 Wangfujing East Street Dongcheng)

HKY Airport Business Hotel (Address: Houshayu lukou, Jingshun road)

Holiday Garden Hotel (Address: 7 Hong Miao Chai Jia Wan)














Holiday Inn Express SHANGDI BEIJING (Address: 33 SHANGDI RD)



Hollyear Grand Hotel (Address: 66 Guangqu Road)

Hollyear Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.66 GuangQu Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing)

Hong Li Yuan Business Hotel (Address: 1 Liuli Qiao)

Hong Run Business Hotel (Address: 28 Baiqiao Avenue, Guangqumen, Chongwen District)

Hong Sheng Hotel (Address: 36 Jiaoda East Road)

Hongkun International Hotel-HMCC Diamond (Address: 1 Guangan Road)

Hotel Kunlun (Address: 2 Xin Yuan Nan Lu)

Hotel G (Address: No. A7 Gongtixilu, Chao Yang District)

Hotel Kapok Beijing (Address: No16 Donghuamen Street)

Hotel Locanda Al Piave (Address: Corso Silvio Trentin 6)

Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong (Address: NO26, JIANGUOMENWAI)

Hotel Temple of Heaven, Beijing * Tian Tan Hotel* (Address: No.1 Ti Yu Guan Road, Chong Wen District)

Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel Beijing (Address: 18A Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue)

Hua Bin International Hotel (Address: 4 Xuanwumennei Street)

Hua Chen Business Hotel (Address: 15 Jia Xiju South Street)

Hua Fu International Hotel (Address: No.53 Donganmen Street Beijing)

Hua Fu International Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.53, Dongchengmen Avenue, Dongcheng Area)

Huadu Hotel (Address: 8 Xinyuan South Rd)

HuanYu JingHang Airport Hotel (Address: 32 Fuqianyi Street)

Huashanyuan Hot Spring Hotel-HMCC Diamond (Address: Xiaojiaoting Village Gaobeidian Town Chaoyang District)

Hubei Business Hotel Zhongguan (Address: No 36 South street Zhongguancun)

Hui Hai Hang Express Hotel Capital Airport (Address: South of Litian Road, Banbidian village)

Hui Yuan International Apartment (E Building) (Address: No.8 E Building,Anli Road, An Ding Men Wai)

Hui Yuan International Apartment (N Building) (Address: No.8 N Building East Beichen Road, Chaoyang D)

Hui Yuan International Apartment (N Building) (Address: No.8, (N Building) Beichen East Road,chaoyang)

Hui Yuan Plaza Airport Hotel (Address: 16 Fuqianjie)

Huidu Business Hotel (Address: 113 Sanluju Road)

Huifeng Business Hotel (Address: 11 Fushi Road)

ibis Beijing Capital Airport (Address: No. 2 Medi-street)

ibis Beijing Dongdaqiao (Address: No 30 Textile Road)

ibis Beijing Jianguomen (Address: No 6 South Jianhua road)

ibis Beijing Sanyuan (Address: Hotel Tower B Phoenix)

Imperial Courtyard (Address: 16 Huayuandongxiang Andingmen Dongcheng District)

Industry and Commercial Hotel (Address: 95 Beiheyan Street)



International Aviation Hotel (Address: 20 Airport Side Road)

International Bamboo and Rattan Tower (Address: No.8,East Futong Avenue)

Intl Aviation Airport Hotel (Address: 200 Airport Side Road)

Jade Hotel (Address: 2 Zhide North alleyway Bei Heyan Avenue)

Jade Palace Hotel Zhongguancun (Address: Zhonguangcun Dong Road)

Jade Palace Hotel (Address: 76 ZhiChun Rd Hai Dian District)

Je Mansion (Address: West garden)

Jia Long Sunny Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.75, Chaoyangmennei Street)

Jiahao Airport Business Hotel (Address: 1 Fuqian Er Street)

Jiajin Airport Business Hotel (Address: 24 India west Road)

Jiamaoguanqi Business Hotel (Address: 108 Jianguo Road)

Jian Yin Business Hotel (Address: 2 South Road)

JianGuo Garden Hotel (Address: 17 JianGuo Men Nei Rd)

Jianguo Hotel Beijing (Address: 5 Jianguo Men Wai Da Jie)

Jianguo Hotel CBD Beijing (Address: Crossroad of Jianguomen Wai Street)

Jianguo Hotspring Hotel Beijing (Address: No 5 South St Jianguomen Dongch)

Jiao Lou Business Hotel Forbidden City (Address: 33 Wusi Avenue)

Jiayuan Hotel (Address: 6 Daliushu)

Jin Qiao International Garden Hotel (Address: 55 Guang Qu Men North Street)

Jinbao Jingya Grand Hotel (Address: 269 Nanxiaojie Chaoyangmen)

Jingdu Business Hotel Beijing (Address: 26 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District)

Jinglin Garden Airport Hotel (Address: 1 Yi Nanping Dongli)

Jinglun Hotel (Address: 3 Jianguo Menwai DaJie)

Jingyi Business Hotel Zhongguancun (Address: 9 Dazhongsi East Road)

Jinhanglvgang Airport Business Hotel (Address: 8 Tianzhu Middle Avenue)

Jinhangxian International Airport Hotel (Address: 8 Siwei Road)

JinLongtan Hotel (Address: 71 Xisanhuan North Rd Haidian)

Jinma Spring Hotel (Address: NO.38.. Xueqing Road..Haidian District)

Jinma Spring Hotel (Address: NO.38, Xueqing Road,Haidian District)

Jinyuan Business Hotel (Address: 199 Fenzhongsi)

Joy City International Hotel HMCC Diamond (Address: No 131 Xidan North Avenue)

Junan Business Hotel Downtown (Address: 143 Fahuasi Street)

JW Marriott Hotel Beijing (Address: 83 Jian Guo Road, Chaoyang District)

Kaichuang Golden Street Business Hotel (Address: 32 Baishu Hutong)

Kaikang International Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.15, Anzhenxili sanqu)

Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center (Address: 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District)

Kerry Hotel Beijing (Address: No 1 Guanghua Road)

King Wing International Hotel (Address: 17 South Road of East 3rd Ring Road)

King's Joy Hotel (Address: 81 Meishi Street)

Kingwing Hot Spring International Hotel Beijing (Address: No.17 South Dongsanhuan Road, Chao Yang Distr)

Kuntai Hotel Beijing (Address: Building 1)

Kuntai Royal Hotel Beijing (Address: 12 Chaowai St Chaoyang District)

Lan Kui Xian Feng Hotel Beijing (Address: Building B Kemao Center,NO.18 Zhonngguancun R)

Landscape Holiday Hotel Beijing (Address: 26 Huangsi Street)

Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport (Address: Terminal 3 Capital Airport)

Lanson Place Central Park Serviced Residences (Address: Tower 23 Central Park)

Laurel Airport Business Hotel (Address: No 106 Courtyard Majiapu East Road)

Lee Garden Hotel and Apartment (Address: No 18 Goldfish laneWangfujing)

Lee Garden Service Apartments Hotel Beijing (Address: No.18, Jinyu Hutong)

Legendale Hotel Beijing (Address: No. 90-92 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District)

Lijingwan International Hotel (Address: 28 North Shilipu Dongsihuan Rd Chaoyang District)

Lijingwan International Hotel (Address: 28 North Shilipu Dongsihuan Road)

Lishi Hotel Citycenter (Address: 18 Lishi Hutong, South Street)

Long Hu Wen Quan Hotel (Address: 1 Guangming West Road)

Long Wu Hotel (Address: 35 Enji Li)

Long Xi Hot Spring Resort Hotel (Address: 8 Pang Gezhuang Shun Jing Road)

LongDingHua Business Hotel (Address: 18 Panjiayuan Dong Li)

Longhu Hot Spring Hotel (Address: No 1 Guangming West Road)

Longjiandu Business Hotel (Address: 2 the first yard Shiliuzhuang South Lane)

Longtou Business Hotel (Address: 8 Nanxinyuan West Road)

Loong Palace Hotel and Resort (Address: No. 317 Changping Road)

Luxury Serviced Residence (Address: No 17 Jianhuanan Road)

Maitark Hotel (Address: 6 West 4th Ring North Road)

Mansion Laforte Hotel (Address: Building 6, 33 Guangshun North Street)

Marco Polo Parkside, Beijing (Address: No 78 Anli Road, Chaoyang District)

Master Inn Olympic Hotel (Address: 38 Xueyuan Road)

Mengxi Business Hotel (Address: 20 Xueyuan Road)

Merchantel Beijing (Address: NO.2 Xi Bian Men Wai Da Jie Xicheng Dist)

Mercure Beijing Downtown (Address: No.16 Jia, Xi Da Wang Road)

Mercure Wanshang Beijing (Address: 1 Yinhe Street)

Metropark Lido Hotel Beijing (Address: No. 6 Jiang Tai Road Chaoyang District)

Ming Yuan Ocean Business Hotel Downtown (Address: No189 Dongsi South Avenue)

Moon Castle International Hotel (Address: 89 Jianguo Road)

Nanjing Great Hotel (Address: 5 West Street Of Wangfujing)

Nanjing Great Hotel Beijing (Address: No.5,West Wangfujing Street)

National Jade Hotel Birds Nest (Address: 19 Huizhong Lane Asian Games Village)

Nei Meng Gu Hotel Beijing (Address: No.71 Hou Street,Art Museum,Dongcheng Distric)

New Century Grand Hotel Beijing (Address: South Of the Caishikou Street)

New Grand Dynasty Hotel (Address: No 58 Maizidian Street)

New World Beijing Hotel (Address: Hu Jia Lou)

New World Hotel Beijing (Address: Hu Jia Lou, Chao Yang Qu)

Nikko New Century (Address: 6 Southern Rd Capital Gym)

No.9 Dacheng International Hotel (Address: No9 Dacheng Road)

Norlin Conference and Business Hotel (Address: 12 Guang An Men South Street)

North Garden Hotel (Address: 218-1 Wangfujing Ave Beijing)

North Latitudes 40 Hotel (Address: No5 Changchunqiao Road Haidian District)

North Latitudes Business Hotel (Address: 5 Changchun Qiao Road)

North Star International Hotel (Address: 17 Anhui Dongli)

Novotel Beijing Peace (Address: 3 Jinyu Hutong)

Novotel Beijing Sanyuan (Address: Tower 18)

Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao (Address: 1 Chong Wen Men Xi Da Jie)

Oakwood Residence Beijing (Address: No55 North East 3rd Ring Road Chaoyang District)

Oakwood Residence Beijing (Address: No 8 Dongzhimen Wai Xiejie)

Ocean Business Hotel Downtown (Address: No 189 Dongsi South Avenue)

Ocean Hotel (Address: 189 Dongsi South Avenue)

Ocean Hotel Beijing (Address: 189 DOngsi South Street Dongcheng District)

Olsen Hotel & Apartment (Address: 32 Baiziwan Road)

Olympic Airport Garden Hotel HMCC Gold (Address: No 36 TianZhu Road Capitai Airport Beijing)

ORDOS Boutique Hotel Wangfujing (Address: No18 Jinbao Street)

Oriental Garden Hotel (Address: 6 Dongzhimen Street S)

Paddon Business Hotel (Address: 11 Wanliu Middle Road)

Palm Springs, Beijing - Marriott Executive Apartments (Address: 8 Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District)

Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing (Address: 27 Central North 4th Ring Rd)

Park Hyatt Beijing (Address: 2 Jianguomenwai St)

Park Plaza Beijing Science Park (Address: 25 Zhi Chun Rd, Haidian Dist)

Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing (Address: 97 Jinbao St, Dongcheng Distrt)

Park Plaza Beijing West (Address: 17 Xicui Rd, Haidian District)

Pei Xin Hotel Beijing (Address: No.5 Peixin ST Chongwen District Beijing China)

Pentahotel Beijing (Address: 3-18 Chong Wen Men Wai Street)

Peony Hotel Beijing (Address: No.31 Huayuan Road(E),Haidian District)

Peony Hotel Beijing (Address: No.31 East Huayuan Road,Haidian District)

Phoenix Grand International Hotel (Address: 57 Yi Andingmenwai Street)

Phoenix Palace Lakeview Hotel (Address: South Gate of Rendinghu Park 15)

Ping An Fu Hotel (Address: 100 Dong Si Shi Tiao Road)

Plaza Hotel (Address: 100 South Road of East 3rd Ring)

Poly Plaza Beijing (Address: 14 Dongzhimen St)

Poly Plaza Hotel Beijing (Address: No.14,Dongzhimen street,Dongcheng Area)

Post Hotel (Address: 5 Guajiatun)

Prime Grand Hotel Wangfujing (Address: 156 Dongsi West Avenue)

Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing (Address: 2 Wangfujing Avenue)

Pullman Beijing South (Address: 12 Ronghua South Road)

Pullman Beijing West Wanda (Address: No. Jia 18 Shijingshan Road)

Purple Jade Laguna Hotel (Address: No 1 Ziyu east Road)

Qian Men Jian Guo Hotel (Address: 175 Yongan Rd)

Qiaobo Ice And Snow Conference Hotel (Address: 6 Shunan Road)

Qilu Business Hotel (Address: 103 Di An Men West Street)

Qing Yun Ge Hotel Chinese Style (Address: 33 Da Zha Lan West Street)

QY International Hotel (Address: No 19 Dongzhimennei St)

Radegast Hotel CBD Beijing (Address: No. 15 Guanghua Road Beijing Chaoyang Distrct)

Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing (Address: 6a East Beisanhuan Rd,Chaoyang)

Raffles Beijing Hotel (Address: 33 East Chang An Ave)

Ramada Beijing North (Address: 319 Changping Road)

Ramada Parkside Beijing (Address: 214 Huizhongbeili)

Red Cross Business Hotel (Address: No53 Gan Mian HutongDongdan Road)

Red Wall Garden Hotel Beijing Wang Fujing (Address: 41 Shijia Hutong)

Red Wall Hotel Forbidden City (Address: No31 Shan tan North Street)

Redwall Hotel (Address: Nr. 31 North Shatan Street)

Regent Beijing (Address: 99 Jinbao Street)

Regent Beijing (Address: 99 Jinbao Street)

Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel (Address: 61 Dongsanhuan Middle Road, Chaoyang District)

Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel (Address: 36 Xiao Yun Road, Chaoyang District)

Resource Yanyuan Hotel (Address: 1 Yiheyuan Road)

Reward International Hotel (Address: 10 Xiangyang East Road)

Rich International Hotel (Address: 1 Jia Nan Xinhua Street)

Rich Yard International Hotel (Address: 55 Wujiachang Road)

Rishengchang Business Hotel (Address: 8 Buliding Youanmen Outer Street)

Rosedale Hotel Suites Beijing (Address: No 8 JiangTai)

Royal King Hotel Beijing (Address: No.2 West Rd of the North 4th Ring)

Royal Plaza Hotel Beijing Taiyue Heights (Address: No.16 Nansanlitun Rd Beijing)

Ruihai International Business Hotel (Address: 53 Lianhuachi East Road)

Sardonyx Hotel (Address: 9 Minzu Yuan Road)

Sariz International Hotel (Address: 19 Zhongguancun Avenue)

Sariz International Hotel (Address: 19 Zhongguancun Road, Haidian)

Sariz international Hotel-HMCC Diamond (Address: No.19 Zhongguancun Avenue Haidian District)

Schengen International Hotel (Address: No. 5 West Laiguangying Rd)

Schonbrunn Grand Hotel (Address: No 125 West 4 ring North Road)

Scitech Hotel Beijing (Address: 22, Jianguomenwai Avenue)

Scitech Hotel Beijing (Address: 22- Jianguomenwai Ave)

Sea Breeze Spa & Resort Hotel (Address: No 32 Shijingshan Road)

Seasons Park Apart Hotel Beijing (Address: B 36 Dongzhimenwai Ave Dongzhimenwai)

Sha Tan Business Hotel (Address: 28 Shatan Hou Jie)

Shagang Business Hotel (Address: No 1 Lianhua River Hutong)

Shan Shui Hotel (Address: No 1 Hongda Rd North)

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing (Address: 29 Zizhuyuan Road)

Shanshui Hotel Beijing (Address: 45 Piku Hutong, Xidan)

Shanshui Trends Hotel Hangtianqiao (Address: 10 Fucheng Road)

Shanshui Trends Hotel Liuliqiao (Address: 44 Taipingqiao Road)

Shanshui Trends Hotel Shaoyaoju (Address: 207 Shaoyaojubeili)

Shanshui Trends Hotel Xidan (Address: 47 Piku Hutong Xidan North Street)

She Ke Bo Yuan Hotel (Address: 27 Wang Fu Jing Avenue)

Shen Zhen Hotel (Address: No 1 Guang An Men Wai st)

Shen Zhou International Hotel (Address: 31st St South)

Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel (Address: 36 North Third Ring Road East)

Shichahai Shadow Ar (Address: No24 Song shu jie Xicheng)

Shuang Long Hotel Beijing (Address: No.63 Yuquan, Shijingshan District)

Shunyi Hotel Beijing (Address: No. 3, Fuqian Street)

Silver Spring Tower Beijing (Address: No. 11,Beiwaxili)

Smart Hotel (Address: Building 9 Wanda Plaza No 50)

Sofitel Wanda Beijing (Address: 93 Jianguo Road)

Soluxe Sunshine Courtyard Hotel (Address: 2 Xitao Hutong, Jiugulou Street)

Somerset Grand Fortune Garden (Address: No 46 Liangmaqiao Road)

Somerset ZhongGuanCun (Address: No 15 Haidianzhong St)

Song Lu Sheng Fang Holiday Hotel (Address: 8 Tiancun Road)

Spring Hotel (Address: No.2 Jichang Road.south street ,Jiugong town.)

Spring Hotel (Address: No.2,Jichang Road..south street Jiugong town)

Starmoon Garden View Hotel (Address: 9 Jiuxianqiao South Road)

Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Beijing (Address: 50 Wangfujing Avenue)

Sunworld Hotel (Address: 88 Dengshikou St Dongcheng District)

Super 8 Beijing Ao Shi (Address: No.11 Dacheng Road)

Super 8 Beijing Baihua (Address: 35 Xinqiao St. Mentougou Dist)

Super 8 Beijing Bei QiJia (Address: Grd Flr Comm W of Telecom)

Super 8 Beijing Birds Nest (Address: Building 8 Anhui North Block)

Super 8 Beijing Cui Wei (Address: 22 Cuiwei Road)

Super 8 Beijing Dong Si (Address: 137 Dongsi Wutiao)

Super 8 Beijing Fang Zhuang Yin Ma (Address: 45 Yin Ma Jing, Zuo An Men Wai)

Super 8 Beijing Guo Mao (Address: 18 Shuangjing Bei Li)

Super 8 Beijing He Ping Li (Address: 5 Jiao Lin Jia Dao He Ping Li)

Super 8 Beijing Ju Feng (Address: 61-5 South Xisihuan Road)

Super 8 Beijing Shijingshan Jiu Jiu Yuan (Address: Yangzhuang Crossroad East)

Super 8 Beijing Xi Dan (Address: Building 1 Huayuan North St)

Super 8 Beijing Xuan Wu Men (Address: 137 Xuan Wu Men Wai Street)

Super 8 Beijing Xue Yuan Lu (Address: 3-1 Zhixin West Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Advanced Business Park (Address: Building 12, No. 26 Courtyard)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Bei Tai Ping Qiao (Address: 2 Kin Jie Kou Wai Avenue)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Cao Qiao (Address: East Cao Qiao Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Capital International Airport Shunyi X (Address: 32 Yu Min Ave)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Chang Ping Xi Guan (Address: 26 XiHuan Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Daxing Huang Cun (Address: No.A20 Honglou Xi Xiang)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Daxing Huang Cun Lin Xiao Bei Lu (Address: 10 Lin Xiao North Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Fengtai Railway Station Dong Da Jie (Address: 42 Dong Avenue)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Guang Ming Qiao (Address: 2 Jin Song South Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Guozhan Liu Fang (Address: 2 Xi Ba He South Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Heaven Temple South Gate Tiantan Nan M (Address: 12 Ta Yuan Dongtieying Street)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Jin Bao Jie (Address: No 26 Shi Jia Hutong)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Jing Tai Qiao (Address: 11 of Dongbinhe Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Jiu Long (Address: 39 Part A Jiuxianqiao Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Lu Gu Tai Wan Jie (Address: 74 Lu Gu Road South Yard)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Nanzhan (Address: 8 Building 28 Majiapu West Rd)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Prince Gongs/Gong Wang Fu (Address: 2 Wu Hu Lane Changqiao)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Qian Men (Address: 65 Liang Shi Dian Street)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Qian Men Hu Fang Lu (Address: No. 106 Yong An Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing ShiBaLiDian Nan Qiao (Address: ShiBaLiDian Township)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Shunyi Bo Lian (Address: 18 South of Xinshun Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Shunyi Zhu Hang (Address: 12 Xingju St Tianzhu Village)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Si Hui (Address: 1-4F Block 18 No.11 Baziwan Rd)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Wei Gong Cun (Address: 36 Bai Shi Qiao Road)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing West Railway Station Nan Lu (Address: B 8 Taipingqiao Village)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Xi Si (Address: 29 Xisi Beiqitiao)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Xi Zhi Men (Address: 11 DeBao Yin Yuan Xiwai Da Jie)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Xi Zhi Men Jiaotong University Dong Lu (Address: 18 Courtyard of E Jiao Da Rd)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing Yang Zha Huan Dao (Address: 46 Jing Tong Yuan)

Super 8 Hotel Beijing You An Men (Address: 6 You An Men Wai Street)

Super 8 Yizhuang Tianbao (Address: 1 Tian Bao Street Yizhuang)

Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center (Address: No. 2 Chao Yang Men Bei Da Jie)

Tailong Plaza Business Hotel (Address: 19 Zhushikou East Avenue)

Taimushan Intl Business Hotel Beijing (Address: Jianguomen Rd Dongcheng District)

Taimushan Int'l Business Hotel Beijing (Address: Jianguomen Road, Dongcheng District)

Taiwan Business Hotel (Address: 5 Jinyu Hutong)

TANGLA Beijing (Address: 19 Fuxinmenwai Street)

Tangyue Business Hotel (Address: 54 Donghuamen Street)

Tao Ran Garden Hotel (Address: No.19 Tai Ping Street,Xuan Wu District)

Tao Ran Garden Hotel (Address: 19 Tai Ping Street)

Taoran Business Hotel (Address: 1 Majiabao Road)

The Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing (Address: 15 Gongmenqian Street)

The Emperor (Address: 33 Qi Helou Street)

The Emperor (Address: 33 Qihelou Street)

The First Great Wall Hotel (Address: No.20 Hunan Xi Rd)

The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing (Address: 10 North Dong San Huan Road)

The Hot Club Spring Hotel (Address: 12 Fangxinyuan, Fangzhuang)

The Lake View Hotel (Address: 127 Zhongguancun North Street)

The Opposite House (Address: Building 1 No 11 Sanlitun Road)

The Peninsula Beijing (Address: 8 Goldfish Ln Wangfujing)

The Regent Beijing (Address: 99 JINBAO ST, DONGCHENG DSTRCT)

The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street (Address: 1 Jinchengfang Street East, Financial Steet, Xicheng District)

The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing (Address: 83 Jian Guo Road, Chaoyang District)

The Sandalwood, Beijing - Marriott Executive Apartments (Address: 23 Jian Guo Road, Chaoyang District)

The St. Regis Beijing (Address: 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie)

The Westin Beijing Chaoyang (Address: 7 North Dongsanhuan Road)

The Westin Beijing Financial Street (Address: 9B Financial Street)

Tian An Rega Hotel Beijing (Address: Tianan Building, Nanheyan Hualong Street Beijing China)

Tian Rong Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.14, Cangnan alley)

TianAn Rega Hotel Citycenter (Address: TianAn Mansion, Hualong Jie)

Tiantan Grand Hotel (Address: 1 Ti Yu Guan Road)

Timbo Hotel (Address: 2 Zhengxinjiayuan Songjiazhuang)

Traders Hotel Beijing (Address: No 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue)

Traders Upper East Beijing (Address: No 2 NE 4th Ring Road)

Tulip Hot Spring Garden Hotel (Address: Tulip Garden Jinzhan Dongwei Road)

Up East International Hotel (Address: 1 Jia Shi Fo Ying)

Upper East International Hotel (Address: No.1 East Shifouying Road,Chaoyang District)

Vision Plaza Hotel Beijing (Address: No.39 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District)

Vision Plaza Hotel Beijing (Address: No.39 Xueyuan Rd Haidian District)

Wangfujing Grand Hotel (Address: 57 Wangfujing Ave)

Wangfujing Grand Hotel (Address: 57 Wangfujing Avenue)

Wangfujing Guesthouse Hotel (Address: No 27 Wang Fu Jing Avenue)

Wangfujing Taiwan Business Hotel Beijing (Address: No.5,Golden Fish Lane,North Wangfujing)

Wenjin Hotel Beijing (Address: Tsinghua Science Park Haidian District)

West International Trade Hotel (Address: No.16 fengguan Rd fengtai district bei)

Willow Hotel (Address: 11 Chang Chun Qiao Road)

Winterless Exquisite Hotel CBD (Address: 1 West Dawang Road)

Xi Hua Biz Hotel Zhongguancun (Address: No 15 Xiyuan Playground)

Xi Jiao Hotel Beijing (Address: No.18, Wangzhuang Road)

Xiang Da International Hotel (Address: 169 Guang An Men Nei Street)

Xiao Xiang Hotel Beijing (Address: NO. 42 Beiwei Road, Xuanwu District)

Xihua Business Hotel Beijing (Address: 15 Xiyuan Ground Haidian District)

Xin Hai jin Jiang Hotel (Address: No 61 Jinbao Street)

Xin Wen Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.26 Jian Guo Men Nei Ave.)

Xinghelou Hotel (Address: Zuojiazhuang 15)

Xinhanglv Airport Business Hotel (Address: 6 Tianzhu Zhong Street)

Xinjiang Hotel Beijing (Address: No.7 SANLIHE ROAD HAI DIAN DISTRICT)

XinJiang Hotel Beijing (Address: No.7 Sanlihe Road, Beijing)

Xiyuan Hotel (Address: No1 Sanlihe Rd)

XiZhao Hotel Beijing (Address: 19 Xizhaosi Zhongjie)

Xuanwu Men Hotel (Address: 24 East St)

Xuanwu Men Hotel (Address: NO.24, Dongda Street, Xuanwumen, Xuanwu Area)

Yan Oasis Resort Hotel (Address: 8 Yanshun Road)

Yang Qiao Hotel Beijing (Address: No.88 East Majiapu Road, Fengtai District)

Yanqi Holiday Hotel (Address: YanXi Park East HuaiRou Area)

Yansha Class Hotel Beijing (Address: 14 Xindong Rd Chaoyang District)

Yanshan Business Hotel (Address: 38 Zhongguancun Avenue)

Yanxiang Hotel Beijing (Address: No A2 Jiangtai Rd Chaoyang District)

Yayuncun Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.8, Beichen Road)

Yayuncun Hotel Beijing (Address: No.8 East Beichen Road,An Ding Men Wai,chaoya)

Yi Fa Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.56 Dongzhimenwai,Dongcheng District)

Yi House Art Hotel 798 (Address: JIUXIANQIAO LU 2 HAO YUAN)

Yi Yu Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.6 Baijiazhuang Road)

Yin Long Yuan Hotel Beijing (Address: No 5 Zhanlanguan Road,Xicheng Area,Beijing)

YinDu Business Hotel (Address: 6 South Road of West 3rd Ring Road)

Yinlong Garden Hotel (Address: A5 Zhanlanguan Road)

Yizhujiayuan Express Hotel Capital Airport (Address: 5 Tian Zhu Xingfu Street)

Yong An Hotel (Address: 5 North Rd)

Yong An Hotel (Address: 5 North Road)

Yong An Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.5 North Agriculture Exhibition Hall Road,)

Yong Xing Garden Hotel Beijing (Address: No.101 Fucheng Road, Haidian District)

York Hotel Beijing (Address: No. 45, Ciyunsi)

Yosemite Hotel (Address: No 4 Yuyang Road)

Yu Long Hotel Beijing (Address: NO.40 Fucheng Road, Haidian District)

Yu Yang Hotel Beijing (Address: 18 Xinyuan Xili St Chaoyang Distric)

Yuanwanglou Business Hotel Zhongguancun (Address: 57 Middle Road of North 3rd Ring Road)

Yulong International Hotel (Address: 40 Fucheng Road)

Yun Gang Business Hotel (Address: 68 Hua Yan Bei Li Yayun Cun)

Yungang Garden Hotel Beijing (Address: Jianxiangqiao Yayuncun)

Yuyuan Grand Hotel (Address: No. 148 Kaihuashi Ave)

Zhaolong Hotel Cbd Beijing (Address: No.2. Workers Stadium Street. Beijing)

Zhaolong Hotel Cbd Beijing (Address: No.2. Workers Stadium Street. Beijing)

Zhengyuan Business Travel Hotel (Address: 18 The Middle Of North third Ring Road)

Zhong Min Plaza Beijing (Address: No.7 Baiguang Road,Xuanwu District)

Zhong Yu Century Grand Hotel (Address: 31 Lian Hua Chi East Road)

Zhongan Inn Beijing Andingmen Hotel (Address: No.168,Andingmenwai Avenue,Dongcheng District, Beijing.)

Zhonggong Plaza Hotel (Address: No 45 Zengguang road)

Zhonghang Airport Express Hotel (Address: Shan Zi Fen Tongshun Road East side of Capital Airport)

Zhongtang Traditional Courtyard Hotel (Address: 192 De Shengmen Street)

Zhongtang Traditional Hotel (Address: No 12 xisi bei 2 tiao)

Zhongyan Business Hotel (Address: South Square West Railway Station)

Zhongyan Hotel Beijing (Address: West Area, South Square, Beijing West Railway)

Zhongyouyuan Business Hotel (Address: 17 Youanmen Inner Street)

Zhuhai Te Qu Lou Hotel (Address: Dong Zhi Men Wai Avenue)

Zhuhang Airport Business Hotel (Address: No 12 Xingfu street)

Zilong Biz Hotel (Address: NoA1 Xiyangwei Hutong lae Kuan Jie)

Ziyingge Pavilion Hotel (Address: 3 Huajiadi Dong Road)

Zuo An Men Hotel (Address: 2 Fangzhuang Road)

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